Egypt sends co-trainers to a UN sub-regional training on desert locust survey in Syria

Daily Star Egypt Staff
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CAIRO: The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization for Controlling the Desert Locust in the Central Region will hold a sub-regional training course on desert locust survey and control operations in Syria from July 7 to 17.

Two Egyptian co-trainers will participate.

The goal of the course, in which trainees from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria will participate, will be to prepare non-frontline countries in the Central Region for possible locust invasions, Dina Moussa, Media Consultant at FAO Near East Regional Office, told The Daily Star Egypt.

The workshop will not include trainees from Egypt and will have no effect on Egypt , which is a frontline country on Locust operations, Moussa added.

However, It is important to note that this workshop is not the first of this type, we have conducted earlier workshops for countries with more problems in this field, in which Egypt has participated .

The instructor will be the Secretary of the Commission for Controlling Desert Locust in the Central Region. The course will cover topics such as desert locust biology, behavior and distribution, survey and control methodology and safety measures, among others, announced FAO s press release. Additional reporting by Kameliya Atanasova

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