"Miracle" tree, a sign from God?

Deena Douara
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CAIRO: Over a hundred people clustered around a tree at Hikestep on Ismailia Road. But this was no ordinary tree. Protruding from the miracle creation were the words “Allah, Mohammed, Taha. [one of Prophet Mohammed s names].

They believe it’s a direct sign from God.

One man relates the story of how a soldier stationed next to the tree at an elevated observation post by a military area, heard the tree praising Allah late Thursday, and then discovered the writing along one of its sides.

Another said that a man was walking by when he heard sounds emanating from the tree and then saw something dripping on it. Then the words “Allah, Mohammed, Taha appeared underneath each other in a darker hue than the rest of the bark.

Whichever story they heard – none from a direct source – all those who spoke to The Daily Star Egypt believe the writing is authentically from God.

“If somebody did it the soldier would have seen them because this is a military area, said Ashraf Talaat, adding that the writing is protruded and not carved.

“Of course it is from God, says Mohamed Ragab. “It was sent to us to wake up the people.

Some of the younger boys add that there is a good aroma of musk around the tree, which they take as further evidence of divine intervention.

Gamal El Banna, an Islamic intellectual, told The Daily Star Egypt that the “miracle was “nonsense and “rumors.

He says such revelations would “not happen in any way like this. If this was a revelation, God would tell us through the Angel Gabriel, adding that it was “ridiculous to believe the tree was vocally praising Allah.

Since the discovery Thursday evening, traffic has been congested in the area as hundreds gathered to catch a glimpse or a picture of the tree on their mobile phones, while others try to kiss it.

Al-Masry Al-Youm reported that Nozha police had asked the Cairo governorate to consider cutting down the tree due to the traffic it has caused and concern that the area will become a religious site.

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