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James M Dorsey

Israel and Palestine play high stakes football

Israel and Palestine are playing political football, with Palestinian football as the ball. It is a match which Israel is unlikely to win and that could prove to produce a bruising loss. The stakes for Israel‎ are far higher than for Palestine. Israel is effectively on probation as it seeks to definitively defeat Palestinian efforts to …

James M Dorsey

Israel struggles with racist underground

Israel is struggling with how to deal with groups, some of which are underground, that are linked to a banned nationalist political party that has emerged at the core of recent racist, anti-Palestinian incidents and include a militant football fan group that was responsible for last month’s violent clashes during a Europa League qualifier in …

James M. Dorsey

Israeli football violence moves racism up the government’s agenda

By James M. Dorsey A violent display of racism by extreme nationalist supporters of storied Israeli football club Beitar Jerusalem coupled with recent Ethiopian Israeli protests against discrimination and the government’s handling of the capture of two Israelis by Hamas has moved racist attitudes towards dark-skinned Jews and Israeli Palestinians up the government’s agenda. Driving …

Özer Khalid

A global tide of terror – from Sousse to Sinai 

By Özer Khalid 1 July, 2015, will go down as one of the darkest most deeply disturbing days in Egyptian history. Wilayat Sinai (State of Sinai), an incestuous Sinai-based “Islamic State” (IS) affiliate, mercilessly massacred at least 17 brave members of the Egyptian armed forces. IS`s Wilayat Sinai orchestrated attacks on 21 security facilities and checkpoints stretching …

Dr. Cesar Chelala

Gazan children’s harrowing cry for help

By Dr Cesar Chelala A year after Israel’s attack on Gaza, children there are still trying to recover from the consequences of the brutal assault. The Israeli attack, which started on 8 July 2014, resulted in between 2,142 and 2,310 Gazan deaths. According to the Gaza Health Ministry and to the UN and various human rights groups, …

Emad El-Din Aysha

Layers of conflict: Syria between history and geology

By Emad El-Din Aysha, PhD Things just keep getting worse in Syria. The Sunni Jabhat Al-Nusra recently killed 23 Druze clan members in Idlib in an apparently unsanctioned raid. This, as James M. Dorsey warns, could drag in the Israelis as self-styled protectors of the Druze. Not to mention that the attack could prompt the …

James M. Dorsey

Druze mount next flashpoint in Syrian conflict: Implications for Israel

By James M. Dorsey Syrian Druze have become the next potential flashpoint in a proxy war between Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel that is exacerbating the Middle East’s multiple conflicts. With rebel forces advancing towards the mountainous Druze stronghold in north-western Syria, this month’s killing by Jabhat Al-Nusra jihadists of 23 members of a Druze …