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Hussien Abd Rabu

Problems of reconciliation between Brotherhood and Egypt’s authorities

The sounds of explosions that take place in Egypt from time to time by some extremist groups, which are perceived as part of the Islamic radical political trend, or the arrests by the authorities in Egypt against the members of the Brotherhood and their sympathisers did not prevent the voices that talk about reconciliation between …

Emad El-Sayed

No reconciliation with Muslim Brotherhood: Al-Sisi’s speech to the world

It was a very brief written in-advance speech made by [President Abdel Fattah] Al-Sisi at the New Suez Canal inauguration celebration, where his improvisation was very brief and close to the context. What grabbed my attention, though, was when he spoke about the war on terrorism, or more clearly, the state’s war on the Muslim …


Suez Canal: A cruise to the past

It took a long journey for the Suez Canal to reach its current state today, a journey witnessing several closings and instability of the canal’s operations. Today, Egypt celebrates the opening of the canal’s expansion

Emad El-Sayed

On the verge of a new war

The poor, Mr. President, have waited a long for someone to perceive them with sympathy, and to pull them up above the poverty line, so are you up for this?

Emad El-Sayed

The parliament and the Egyptian elite

I have never officially belonged to any political current. I never held a membership card for any political party, or even an NGO. I was, and still am, proud of being a journalist standing at an equal distance from all currents; I admire the behaviour of some and reject the behaviour of others. I was, …

Amr Khalifa

Fascism Incorporated: Our fault

When the blood of the other becomes a fathomable reality, fascism is born. I remember well standing among thousands in front of the UN, on 30 June 2013, as we screamed atop our lungs against one dictator, but little did we know we would help usher in a decidedly more bloodthirsty one. All it took …

Hussien Abd Rabu

Press uprising against anti-terror law’s Article 33

By Hussein Abd Rabu One of the most important readings of the anti-terrorism law that the Egyptian government rushed to pass after the assassination of the prosecutor general, was the state of instability in managing the country. Rushing to draft a law without adequate studies and discussions caused the law to direct a strike towards …