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  • http://www.modernpapercrafts.com margaret Van Sicklen

    Hi Hend Tarek
    I just read you post about Nervan Talha teaching origami. It is a wonderful thing she is doing. I am the author several simple origami books and a best selling Origami Page A Day Calendar. Is there anyway you could put me in touch with Talha? I would like to send her some books for her efforts.
    Thank you
    Margaret Van Sicklen
    California, USA

  • Michael Bench

    Dear #Citizens of Egypt and Mohammed Morsi Elected President.

    Firstly I am glad to see that the people’s call has resulted in a new president AND that this be a lesson learned in standing up instead of seeing what shows up. The Campaign of Elections Could have discussed an omnilateral Egypt. The Occupation of Tahrir Square was not Muslim occupation any further than it Was Satanist or judeochristian.. You let each other pray and watched out for each other as Being the Hand of Social Demand. This is no longer the world for Morsi to deny his full accountability , crawling back to Islam’s titty. And Sharia law further just to make an iron glove for his new desk. When The leader demands a secondary form of government like religion to reassert command, you can bet on the same old crap. Morsi Has ALSO discredited the Muslim Brotherhood for as Citizens , if you affiliate with this group, the power grab of religion of power from state is an indication of a leader who will doubt your needs because he doubts his own. The Power grab also shows the Muslim brotherhood as an infantile organization who is more concerned with speaking from a soapbox that actually responding to the people through it.

    If Islam vanished tomorrow, you would have a Morsi shell who’d curl up like a raisin because he didn’t feel the power of the Egyptian Peoples Type of wanted democracy was good enough requests. There is doubt in him that he could design the system , the CLEAN SLATE ( purpose for what was in the soapbox) as generally you would want to actually be designed by someone intending successful mechanics. A note to new government users, There is no such thing as a slovenly style Utopia. All Highly Organized Systems need energy , consideration and long term planning. Republicans in Virginia and North Carolina don’t understand long term planning Washington DC doesn’t get anything done because of it. They’re trying to overlook the long term equity in homes and insurance value for the profitablility of selling real estate that will soon be in the water of the Atlantic Ocean. We are talking about Ignoring the Arctic Ice Melt to sell submerging homes and eventually put that STATE in a liability to the insurance companies of rubberstamping faultily placed (not relocated) homes. The Republicans are pro Private Sector so they would stand as Plaintiff witness. The GOP and the Real Estate Market. First they had a subprime securities crash and now their trying to sell subprime subrealestate. All while exploiting the christianity to do so.

    The investment in sharia law is immediate prejudice for ANY reason on any of the people. 1 CE ; Look on your calenders how womens rights were a break thru compared to the rest of the male mongrelism. Islam and other religion is why you pray.The rest of your day is in the society you have been creating everyday in Tahrir square. Sharia law inquires by Morsi has been its own test.
    He feels that way because he has crutched on religion to keep you from speaking against the Government or to the government unless as you would do so to a cleric. Judeochristians and some forms of Islam have a domestication problem and understanding how to get along in the society of the other groups. What is Important is that You the Egyptian People Act are the BE in getting a BEtter society and YOU KNOW IT innately. There are others in your numbers ; lets celebrate them too. I ‘d have as much reason to contact you on the behalf of Egypt very much as a either a Satanist, Muslim or Judeochristian. I see the Egyptians of the society who want an end to the social castes that are unspoken.

    For that you can only blame the male psychoform who is privileged in your system for that. Whether Cleric catalyst or politician or financier-lawyer. Power of his begets power. Make of this land and I think its great. If the Current Politicians cannot meet with the plans that you make for the government , then they will not be their own change for your benefit.

    Egypt started papyrus for better or worse of historical records. Today you should have your own to papyrus draw the government you want and make sure there is no redundancy because you will waste money on it in denial of duty to act. Kinda Like USA’s OSHA on anorexic models. David Michael, not even a kind letter back. What an ass.

    Design your government and Stop Having politically parties (President George Washington) AND NEVER EVER EVER allow present political parties to become duality and contrarian to each other like The DNC/ RNC #2PartySyndicate ; Don’t get them wet or feed after midnight either. The Party System has dulled the benefits of checks and balances .With cares and a couple porn recommendations ,

    USA Presidential Candidate
    Michael Bench; ..FoederoCivis-Witch Party
    Exercise Physiologist, Gender Studies Pro.
    “ Be well for your purposes.”

  • http://royaldreamtours.com Amr El Sadek

    Dear Sirs,

    Hope all well at your end!

    I am Amr El Sadek; Marketing Director at Royal Dream Tours a leading travel agency based in Cairo, Egypt.

    We are excited to inform you about a new revival that will take place in Hurghada for the next 3 years during the month of March.

    We at Royal Dream Tours signed a 3 years contract with IKA (the International Kiteboarding Association based in Germany and they are the governing body of all official Kitesurfing tournaments taking place around the world http://www.internationalkiteboarding.org/). to organize & host the African Continental Championship for Course Racing.

    The event will take place in Magawish-Hurghada in cooperation with our partner Colonawatersports Center based in Magawish and it will be held under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.

    This 2013 championship will take place from March 26th till March 31st just before Easter holidays and we are expecting a strong flow of spectators and visitors.

    As per IKA forecast we expect at least 150 players to register for the championship among which are the world top players.

    We are currently negotiating media sponsorship opportunities with interested entities and we think that the sponsoring the Championship would be of great interest for your publication.

    Awaiting your feedback and hope we communicate to discuss the above in more details.


    Amr El Sadek
    Marketing Director

    Mobile: +(20) 100 58 1111 8

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