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Address: The Daily News Egypt
12 Haroun Street
Cairo, Egypt


  • http://www.tfitu.com David Russell

    Dear News Editor:
    We would like to send your newspaper a sample of our “fitness comic strip” to be considered for weekly distribution in your newspaper.
    David Russell, Publisher & Owner
    Tenacious Fitness Unlimited, Inc.

    • Rana Allam

      Dear David,

      Thank you for your interest in our newspaper.

      The idea of a fitness comic strip sounds like fun, please send us a sample! As soon as we have received it I will make sure the editorial team takes a look and I will let you know what we think.

      Thank you again and I am looking forward to seeing the comic strip.

      With best wishes,

      Adel Heine
      Art&Culture and Lifestyle Editor
      The Daily News Egypt

    • Amr Wagdy

      I would like to write in your esteemed newspaper , what can i do , is there a possibility to do so??

  • http://www.revivembs.com Waleed Hamada

    I would like to know whether “The Daily News Egypt” conducts interviews with new companies? Either way I would love it if someone within your organization could check out our website http://www.revivembs.com and facebook page http://www.facebook.com/revivembs and see whether a company like ours would be of interest to your readers.

    Thank you,

    Waleed Hamada
    Executive Director
    Revive Mind Body Spirit
    47 Mohamed Mazhar St.
    Zamalek, Egypt
    O: +2-010-9555-5975
    M: +2-010-0035-1119

  • yasamin bahrami


    I am contacting you from a company called Hireright in London.

    Please could you provide Human Resources email and contact details so that i can send an email to request an employment verification fro somene that used to work for your company.

    Kind regards

    • Rana Allam

      Hi Yasmin,
      Unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to help you with that. The whole team and the management changed a couple of months ago
      If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know

      Rana Allam
      Managing Editor

      • Ahmad Kamal

        Waiting for the sun

  • Mona Fouad

    Hi, I was wondering if the newspaper could conduct an interview / feature story about Flat6Labs (www.flat6labs.com), one of the most eminent technology incubators in the ME. They are a member of Global Accelerator Network and they have been featured in Financial Times, Al Jazeera, reuters, and many other local and international media.
    I was wondering if we could organize an interview with their CEO, Ramez Mohamed, and his team as they have just started a new cycle and have created up to 12 successful companies so far.

  • Sarah

    Dear Daily News Egypt team,

    First, Congratulations on your new website launch!

    My name is Sarah Mohamed and I’ll be hosting an independent TEDx event in Alexandria, Egypt on the 15th of July, 2012. This is our second TEDx event in Alexandria and it is to be held at Bibliotheca Alexandria under the theme “Mouled Sidi Al Masry – مولد سيدي المصري” which is inspired by Egyptian culture. We would like to invite The Daily News Egypt to cover this event, which will start at 8 a.m and will continue until 9 p.m, to spread the benefit. We will send you the event program and the guest list as it is finalized.

    TED is an annual event that brings together the world’s leading thinkers and doers to share ideas that matter in any discipline–technology, entertainment, design, science, humanities, business, and development. The talks at the conference, ”TED talks” are then made available to watch for free on http://www.ted.com.
    In the spirit of ”ideas worth spreading,” TED has created TEDx program, a program of local, self-organized events that bring together people to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDtalks videos and live speakers combine to spark deep discussions and connections. Our TEDx event is not organized by TED conferences, but is operating under a license of TED.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. If you provide me with an email address I can attach our press release for your convenience.

    Sarah Mohamed
    TEDxAlexandriaU 2012

  • Nigel

    Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2012 11:55 PM
    To: ‘[email protected]'; ‘[email protected]'; ‘[email protected]'; ‘[email protected]
    Subject: Please talk with newspaper editors re: Natasha Smith

    Hi –

    I do much business with Egyptian exporters, I am a friend of your country, and a believer in your right to have norms that are different to those of the US or UK or elsewhere.

    However, the lack of Egyptian press coverage for the mass sexual assault of the journalist Natasha Smith is very offensive to me and (I suspect) billions of other people around the planet.

    The actions of mobs are an ugly side of human nature. Many countries have similar sad stories in their recent past.

    But denial of such evil is a weakness and something a country with self-respect should never accept.

    You are a proud nation, and I urge someone in government to pick up the phone, speak to an editor, and hopefully make some kind of official apology to Miss Smith.

    See 2555 news stories world-wide, but nothing from the Daily News.


  • Embassy of Myanmar

    Dear Sir,

    Myanmar Embassy would like to known your newspaper office Fax number and email address.

    could you reply to us your office email, please.

    Best regards,
    Myanmar Embassy

  • Hend

    Can I Know Your Address Please

    • Rana Allam

      Hi Hend,
      We are located in 12 Haroun St., parallel to Mesaha Square, Dokki

  • http://www.naqeshny.com Kareen Edward

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I would like to inquire about the possibility of getting an article about Naqeshny published in your blog. Naqeshny is an online debating website, where users create or participate in debates regarding a variety of topics, ranging form sports to political issues. The purpose of Naqeshny is to promote civilized discussions between individuals as well as spread knowledge and further enlighten and educate society.

    Please let me know if this is possible, and I will send you some articles among which you can choose an appropriate one.

    Thank you for your time.


    Kareen Edward

  • http://www.gotaxi-ad.com khaled

    Dear sir

    Please advise the Marketing dep. Contact number to propose advertising proposal you can do on Alexandria Taxi


  • http://www.comviva.com Sundeep Mehta

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to get in touch with the journalist who looks after Telecom beat to share our Press Release with The Daily News Egypt. Please share the contact details…email id.


  • Hassan Khan

    Dear sir/Madam! Will you please inform me how to send article to your newspaper if the freelancer contributions are encouraged here!

  • Mohammed aly Ibrahim


    Would u please inform me how to send articles to u? I occupied the post of the editor in chief of the Egyptian gazette for 15years.thanks.By the way I don’t need money.

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    Our link type is very simple with only 2 or 3 words like the files,including many aspects, such as travelling, electronics, online shopping,etc.

    We really take great interest in your homepage website http://thedailynewsegypt.com.

    Would you please tell me the price of one text link ad for 3 months on homepage?

    Many thanks

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Mohamed-Ismail Y. Rakha

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I have a medical background, but prefer to work in a career involving spreading medical knowledge. I always thought of something involving patient education, and spreading awareness. Being a medical reporter would help me achieve my desire. I must add that I was a resident of the USA for a period of eight years and have an excellent near-native command of the English language.

    I want to learn about any possibility of a career at Daily News Egypt.

    Thanking you in advance,

    Mohamed-Ismail Y. Rakha

  • Jaidaa El Shammaa


    can I make a subscription and have a daily delivery of the newspaper delivered to my doorstep?!?
    If you offer this service, please let me know who I should contact.


  • N.Hendi

    The email u mentioned to contact for job vacancies isn’t working. any clue? Thanks

  • Saul Fraser

    I would like your contact details please (Email address or telephone number)

  • Mobashir Hasan

    Dear Team DNE,

    Its heartening to know and a very warm welcome to the DNE for making it back on the scene with the new management and more professionalism.

    The previous Team DNE was awesome and we hope that you will make the difference by living up to the traditional professionalism of the DNE.

    Kindly intimate the name and contacts of the diplomatic correspondent for DNE?

    We wish you all the best and lots of prays for the Team DNE.

    Mobashir Hasan
    Press Attache
    Embassy of Pakistan

  • Hannah Cooper

    To whom it may concern:

    My name is Hannah Cooper and I’m a writer living in Cairo. Seasoned with a few years of writing experience in this city, I was wondering if you are currently accepting freelancers? I primarily work with arts and culture as well as lifestyle writing and I’m highly interested. I would appreciate more information regarding rates and opportunities. My CV is ready for you to see and I’d be happy to hear from you soon. Thanks for your time.

  • Evanna Holland

    To Whom It May Concern,
    My name is Evanna and I am writing from a national radio station in the UK called talkSPORT. I am the producer for the overnight show, Extra Time, and I was wondering if a sports correspondent was available for a ten minute pre-recorded phone interview this evening? We would like to chat about the fact that Egypt have reached the quarters of the Olympic footballl competition for the first time since 1984.
    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me on 00 44 20 7959 7855.
    Kind regards,

  • David Pion-Berlin

    Hello. This is a great newspaper. I don’t read Arabic and so having an English language paper keeps me informed about Egypt. My question is, do you have articles on the Egyptian military that are archived? I see the search engine, but it does not allow me to go back to January and February 2011 to pick out articles on the military during that time period. Is there any way? Thank you.

  • Lorena

    Dear Daily News team,

    I was wondering if it is possible that you can either give me the email of one of your collaborators, Farid Zahran, or give him my email in order to get in contact. My interest is due to academic reasons.I am a Master Student and currently I am working on my dissertation.
    I will like to get in touch with Farid Zahran in order to discuss the Egyptian initiatives to support the Palestinians as it was the establishment of the Egyptian Popular Committee in Solidarity with the Palestinian Intifada.

    I will appreciate if you can answer my to my email.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  • Dr. Sudhanshu Tripathi

    Dear Sir,
    Pasted here is my small piece for your consideration as could not find your contact i. d.:

    Why has America disowned the Syrian Rebels?
    Perhaps, beginning as a genuine friend of needy Syrian rebels because being a proclaimed champion of democracy, America is now being suspected and discredited with resentment for not providing required support except hollow verbal encouragement to them, fighting for their, obvious, demand of freedom and democracy against the Assad’s long oppressive rule.
    With the ever rising macabre mayhem creating havoc in Syria each day passing, the on-going nearly one and half year old revolt against President Bashar al- Assad is now turned into an all-out conflict with no end in sight. As the US support to the sweeping Arab Spring proved very decisive in the region- particularly in Libya- the Syrian rebels fighting to uproot the Assad regime, initially, were very enthusiastic and hopeful for such help till fulfilling of their goal. But with its expanding battlefield now covering virtually all corners of the country, and the consequent geo-politico-economic constraints being born by the US and that with accusations of throwing the Free Syrian Army and the rebels under a bus, all together have compelled the US not to throw its full weight behind the rebel movement. As a consequence, the anti-American sentiments are consolidating among rebels, in ways that could have grave consequences not only for Syria but also for the entire region as far as peace and security is concerned in a likely scenario of a post-Assad days.

    Although the highest ranking defection of the Syrian Prime Minister has boosted their morale, yet the rebels feel betrayed by the US, as for them, the America is not providing the required help to ensure the earliest possible regime change. The Syrians joined the sweeping wave for change in the Middle East last year after Tunisians, Egyptians and Libyans in a row and have already voted in democratic elections, chosen new leaders and embarked, however messily, on democratic transitions. As against this, Syria is hurtling ever deeper into the worst ever pogrom with each passing day, “and all we get is words,” said Yasser Abu Ali, a spokesman for one of the Free Syrian Army battalions in the town of al-Bab, 30 miles away from Aleppo.
    Though the rebels don’t want any kind of military intervention in their favour but their urgent need is for imposition of the no-fly zone similar to the effort that helped Libyan rebels topple Muammar Gaddafi last year and for supplies of heavy weapons to counter the regime’s vastly superior firepower. When the regime falls, as the rebel battalion spokesman assumes it eventually will, Syrians will not forget that their pleas for help went unanswered which the US ought not to have done if it is sincere towards its commitment for restoration of democracy and freedom for all, he said. “America will pay a price for this,” he said. “America is going to lose the friendship of Syrians, and no one will trust them anymore. Already we don’t trust them at all.”
    Further, there may be few shortcomings as regards the American aid to the Syrian rebels is concerned but the US is also under tremendous pressure from Russia, China, Iran and also few friends of President Assad in the region, not to intervene militarily as it will be not only counter- productive but also disastrous to the peace and security of the entire region. It is, therefore, perhaps, a debate is raging within the Obama administration over whether it is prudent to step up support for the rebels now because the effort to explore a peaceful and diplomatic solution through the United Nations has failed with no hope in future.
    President Obama has recently sanctioned secret help besides already having authorized the provision of non¬-lethal aid to the opposition, including communications and satellite equipment. For some time, the State Department has been reaching out to Assad opponents inside Syria with a view to identifying potential allies and recipients of assistance despite heavy economic compulsions caused by economic recession and Eurozone crisis. The American allies in the region including Saudi Arabia and Qatar have also extended some financial help to the rebels for purchasing arms and ammunition. A NATO member, Turkey is also facilitating rebel movements across its 550-mile long border with Syria, including transfer of arms.
    Whatever be the extent of the US assistance, it will be deemed small-scale, intermittent, and in-sufficient to the requirements of an expanding battlefield that now covers all corners of the country and has now escalated to include the use of air power by the government. Under this scenario, the declining American help has definitely demoralised the rebels but, in fact, no outside-country can maintain the same overseas support for long because that do involve heavy economic burden and several hardships besides accusations of being an interventionist or a hegemon.
    Dr. Sudhanshu Tripathi
    Asso. Prof., Political Science,
    MDPG College, Pratapgarh (UP),
    Residence- ABHIRAM House,
    Naya Mal Godam Road, Narsinghbhanpur,
    Pin- 230001,
    Mob: 91-9838137686.

  • Sam Akaki

    As a Ugandan-born British citizen, I am proud of the Egyptians who have shown that “Yes, we Africans can” cause a regime change without NATO intervention as it wa the case in Libya.

    The recent retirement of Field Marshall Tantawi and his appointment as president Morsi’s advisor is a clear that the new civilian government and the army are prepared to work together for the good of the country.

    But may I suggest that President Morsi should seriously consider releasing former president Hosni Mubarak on compassionate grounds, considering his advance age? This might also help to reconcile country.

  • Dr. Sudhanshu Tripathi

    Pakistan’s firm resolve against terror in North Waziristan
    With Pakistan’s new found determination to come down heavily on terror in North Waziristan, there is a fresh hope of peace and security in entire South Asia as well as in the world, particularly to the great satisfaction of the U.S. and also India.
    Fortunately, the latest major policy overhaul in Pakistan regarding its sincere fight against terrorism with in the country and also with the U.S. led NATO forces against global terror networks has come out as a great satisfaction not only for India and America but also for the whole world. Reaffirming its resolve as a peace loving nation, Pakistan has now sought to take full ownership of the war on terror as its army has expressed its willingness to launch a larger military operation in North Waziristan. This was, in fact, the thrust of the argument as reflected in Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Ashfaq Pervez Kayani’s Independence Day speech, specifying that no country can afford a parallel system which is being interpreted in certain quarters as Army’s new found confidence not only in the terror- torn Pakistan but also in India being the worst sufferer of cross-border terrorism.
    As he further said: “The fight against extremism and terrorism is our war and we are right in fighting it. Let there be no doubt about it, otherwise we will be divided and taken towards civil war. Our minds should be clear on this.” Obviously, this newly emerged clarity of mind in itself is the result of fiercest of terror attacks through which Pakistan had passed through in recent years witnessing great loss of precious and innocent human lives and properties. Indeed, the on-going spurt in terror activities in North Waziristan, a tribal area under influence of Haqqani network and also having presence of Al-Qaeda outfit, has become a headache for the US because of its proximity with Afghanistan wherefrom America wishes to withdraw its forces at the earliest. It is, therefore, not out of context that the US Secretary of Defence, Leon Panetta has aptly substantiated Gen. Kayani’s stand on the just preceding Monday: “The indication that we have is that they are prepared to conduct that operation soon.”
    In fact, Pakistan has for years resisted any operation against the Haqqannis- who have never attacked Pakistan but were held responsible by the NATO for several major terror attacks inside Afghanistan- and this has been a major strain on the country’s relationship with America because Pakistan was wrongly alleged by it to have been providing safe haven to the Haqqannis with a view to ensuring a friendly dispensation in Kabul after the withdrawal of NATO forces.
    The long stalemate over North Waziristan has apparently resulted in Washington’s biased reference about it as the “most delayed operation”. Whereas Pakistan has, so far, delayed a major and broadside operation against them as it remained preoccupied with fighting terror within the country and was unable to open too many fronts at a time due to serious concerns as regards its internal security. But now with the changed scenario in Pakistan due to new leaders assuming power after exit of the erstwhile P.M. Gilani, there is a fresh and firm resolve in Pakistan as evident in Gen. Kayani’s same speech: “We realise that the most difficult task for army is to fight against its own people. But this happens as a last resort.”
    Perhaps with a view to launch an operation, Pakistan had recently asked the U.S. to seal the border along North Waziristan on the Afghan side to ensure that terrorists aligned to the Al-Qaeda and Haqqanni networks do not flee into Afghanistan in the eventuality of an operation against them. Against this backdrop, a likely large scale military offensive in the North Waziristan may prove to be a milestone towards fighting terrorism not only in Pakistan but also in the entire South Asia and in the whole world as well, in the interest of peace, security and prosperity.
    Dr. Sudhanshu Tripathi
    Asso. Prof., Political Science,
    MDPG College, Pratapgarh (UP),
    Residence- ABHIRAM House,
    Naya Mal Godam Road, Narsinghbhanpur,
    Pin- 230001,
    Mob: 91-9838137686.

    With regards.

  • Catherine

    Dear Rana,

    I’m with The Washington Post News Media Service and would love to contact you via email.
    Looking forward to your response.



  • Mohammed aly Ibrahim

    Hi mr maher
    I have some important photos and short articles about untold stories in Egypt .I used to be an editor for the Egyptian Gazette and Algoumhoria newspapers how can I send them to you.thank u so much. Mohammed aly

  • http://www.testdrives.biz Tim Saunders

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am a UK based travel and motoring writer. Would you like to publish my articles?
    Yours faithfully,
    Tim Saunders

  • Safeya

    To whom it may concern, I would like to send you a piece of my writings but i couldn’t find an email or contact. How do i send you my article?

  • Dr. Sudhanshu Tripathi

    Please find pasted my short piece for consideration:

    President Morsey’s detour to China and Iran
    Egyptian President’s visit to China and Iran, may provide him, respectively, with good prospects for Chinese investments in Egypt and a global forum of the NAM summit in Tehran to show his independence of action which, together, may prove to be a path breaking exercise though unlikely to please America and Saudi Arabia.
    Perhaps, with a view to seek deeper engagement with China and Iran and also to attend the forthcoming Non-Aligned Summit (NAM) in Teheran, the Egyptyian President Mohammed Morsey’s impending itinerary may lead to a robust re-engagement between them. In fact, President Morsey will first go to Beijing at the invitation of his counterpart Mr. Hu Jintao, before heading to Teheran. This will be the first visit by an Egyptian President to Iran since the Islamic revolution in 1979. Commercial exchanges as well as opening of the floodgates for Chinese investments in post-Mubarak Egypt will feature prominently between them in Beijing besides crises in Syria as well as the Palestinian question. Both Egypt- being the founder member of Non Aligned Movement (NAM)-and Iran are the prominent members of this movement and are the traditional heavyweights in the region having their rich cultural-civilizational heritage, thereby, enjoying considerable clout upon member-nations of the region. Although there are sharp antagonistic divisions between them, yet both are progressive societies-having all round socio-economic and technological developments along with formation of strong political and militarily establishment. Hence, there coming together will, in all likelihood, result into formation of a strong united front capable of maintaining freedom and identity of the Arab region- much to the displeasure of Saudi Arabia, Israel and also to the United States.
    In fact, America has gone overboard to cultivate relationship with the new leadership in Egypt. Perhaps to woo the Muslim Brothers, the Obama administration did make feverish efforts that three top administration officials had called on the newly elected Egyptian President in Cairo within a month. But, President Morsey did surprise all, in a rare display of his freedom of action, when he purged the Mubarak era military top brass, headed by the Defence Minister, Field Marshal Mohammed Tantawi. Prior to Mr. Hosni Mubarak’s exit from Egypt, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon had been facing-off with a pro- West alliance of Egypt and the Gulf monarchies led by Saudi Arabia. And their strong mutual differences on grounds of being the Arab and Muslim countries of the region had also suited Israel and America, which, since the Arab- Israeli war in 1973, has not been threatened by a united front of regional countries.
    As a matter of fact, there has been a considerable behind-the-scene preparation for President Morsey’s visit with regard to all these positive developments between Egypt and Iran. In fact, both Mr. Morsey and the Iran’s President Mahamoud Ahmadinejad had already confabulated effusively in Makkah, last week, on the side-lines of the emergency summit of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC). While aptly seizing an opportunity for resolution of crisis in Syria during Makkah summit, Mr. Morsey broke ranks from host Saudi Arabia and Qatar by proposing a “contact group” on Syria, to be formed by a coalition of Teheran, Cairo, Ankara and Riyadh. As evident, Iran immediately welcomed the Egyptian proposal, perhaps, because being ignored earlier by the pro- West grouping on this contentious issue. The foreign policy spokesman Rahim Mehmamparast went on to praise the Egyptian initiative as the means “to review and follow up on [regional] issues so that peace would be established in the region as soon as possible and tensions would cease.”
    That is why, President Morsey’s impending visit has aroused a considerable euphoria in Iran and its importance has not been lost on them. As observed by the Speaker of Majlis (Iranian Parliament): “Since long time ago, Egypt and Iran as two big Muslim countries have had close ties and played key roles in the Islamic civilisations.” Indeed, the Iran- Egypt relations had greatly soured during the regime of the former President Hosni Mubarak, as was seen in the absence of embassies in their respective capitals.
    Under this scenario, the emerging friendly cooperation between Egypt and China and also with Iran may, on the one hand, offer ample opportunities to Egypt for economic cooperation with the largest booming economy of the world and also to forge new strategic relations with member countries of the Arab world to pave way towards establishing a strong and effective united front against interventions into their internal affairs by outside powers like the US, European countries, Russia and others, on the other. This would, not only, resolve their mutual differences in a cordial manner, but also, allow them to reap the natural riches in their national interests and also, for the over-all welfare of humanity.
    Dr. Sudhanshu Tripathi
    Asso. Prof., Political Science,
    MDPG College, Pratapgarh (UP),
    Residence- ABHIRAM House,
    Naya Mal Godam Road, Narsinghbhanpur,
    Pin- 230001,
    Mob: 91-9838137686.


    I won the International Best Article Writing competition in Poland (July), My articles : Cannot Survive Without It; and No Fear of Starvation. please find the Fogs news on Google-Fogs.com. the web format were the constraction of Full Islamic scientific articles. I hope brothers and sisters will read it.
    Thank you very much.
    Best regards,


      I think the articles are worth reading by egyptian, I wrote (in the full article) about the Nile river and water conservation. I want to share experiences to conserve land and water. I have ever visit geological lab of Cairo Univ. the preessor in the lab said that Egypt in the long last time was greener than Indonesia. I am Indonesian. I wanted Egypt will be regreening….


    Sorry for the miswriting, I visited Cairo Univ in January this year. The Professor said that Egyptian land was greener than Indonesia. I hope next Egypt will be green as indonesian land, too


    Dear Sir/Madam.
    Below is the interview reported as part of press release of the organizing of competition to press agencies.

    August 23, 2012
    The two articles written by Professor Ade Subandi took the contest by storm. Our winner was kind enough to agree to an interview. Treat this as a sneak preview of more author’s testimonials to come!
    Fogs: Could you tell us a few words about yourself? What do you do, what are your passions?

    Ade Subandi: I am an agriculture professor at one of the major universities in Indonesia. My work is my passion. And well, I do like writing. At first I didn’t really think I could even make it to the top ten in the competition, but well, it turned out I won!
    Fogs: How did you find out about the contest? Why did you decide to participate?
    Ade Subandi: I saw the invitation when I was browsing either through GetAcoder or Elance, I don’t remember correctly. I took part in the contest because I wanted to express myself, and invite people to become aware of nature, teach them how to preserve, conserve, and maintain the environment. Also, I tried to encourage the world to be more optimistic. Another issue I wanted to draw attention to was the necessity of proper food management: the importance of balanced food production, developing new kinds of food, and food shortage in some parts of the world.
    Fogs: How did you manage to get so many people involved to comment on your articles?

    Ade Subandi: Basically, I invited all my friends from all over the world to help me: my colleagues at Melbourne University, Dhaka University and others from Malaysia, Singapore, members of UNESCO in Bangladesh, friends at COMSATS and COMSTECH institutes of Pakistan, friends in Dubai, in Palestine (Al-Qud, Annajah, and Berziet Universities), in Iran, in Egypt (al-Azhar, Cairo, Suez Canal and Assiut Universities), the management team of ISESCO in Morocco and Tehran, and Islamic Universities in Indonesia, and of course all the students in my home university in Bandung. Unfortunately, the contest fell on a holiday months, so only a small number of students was at the campus at that time. If the competition had run during academic year, I am sure it would have been easier for me to get more views.

    Fogs: How has winning in the contest changed your life?
    Ade Subandi: Thanks to the contest I am now recognized as a skillful writer by the whole academia at my university. I even received a Letter of Appreciation from the rector. But I’m not resting on my laurels – I definitely want to enhance my writing abilities.

  • Japan International Cooperation Agency

    The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is expecting the Vice President of JICA to visit Egypt next month and We would like to invite you for a 30 minutes one-on-one interview with him.
    Mr. Kodera is expected to meet with new ministers and high officials at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation as well as the Ministry of Higher Education to discuss the future of Egypt/Japan relationship and longstanding support.
    Kindly provide contact information for interested jounalists from your newspaper if you are interested.


    The Editor
    Daily News Egypt

    Application for internship

    l wish to be considered for internship .l have just done with my Diploma at UMCAT SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM -mengo ,Kampala.Uganda ,in journalism and mass communication with concentration in Writing ,Photo journalism and reporting, Video Editing.l would like to do my internship online ,and want to send you all news from Africa and Uganda in particular.

    Through this program l will be available for full time internship starting from today 28 /09/2012, or any time you will be having a new entrants and if you are planning to hire additional personnel at your station ,l would greatly appreciate being considered .
    l have always been interested in photo graph y and Video Editing ,am now look forward to the possibility of working at your organization and developing expertise in the field of Editing and writing in those filed l pursue upon graduation.

    l believe that with my qualification ,skills and back ground l could make a strong contribution to your organization ,l would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you in greater detail. so hope to hear from you soon.

    ssewankambo Robert
    +256712874229 or +256705176180

  • http://www.thisiscornwall.co.uk Kimberly Middleton

    Hello – I am working on a newspaper in the UK and a man from here was killed in a pile up in Cairo on May 15, 2009. He was one of five people to be killed – including the driver of the taxi he was travelling in. I’m trying, initially and most urgently, to find pictures of the accident. Then I’m trying to find out more about it – the inquest into the man’s death was held last week and adjourned because the Egyptian authorities had only released two pieces of paper and there was not enough information to reach a conclusion. Even the cause of death ruled by the Egyptian and English authorities varies greatly. Any help you can give me I would be truly grateful! Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kimberly Middleton

  • Marianna Galea Xuereb

    Dear Editor,

    My friends and I are carrying out research about Medical Tourism in the Maltese Islands as part of a diploma course for mature students. For this reason we would particularly like to here from people who have visited Malta and/or Gozo either specifically or partially for Health reasons – particularly if they also underwent medical interventions. Would you kindly publish our letter in your newspaper, please?
    If anybody reading this has visited the Maltese Islands as a medical tourist (or else knows somebody who did and may thus kindly consider referring this letter to him/her) would they kindly consider writing to us about their experience in Malta and/or Gozo and how they feel about it etc. or else answer a questionnaire that we have prepared and will e-mail to them if they request it, please? Those who write to us need not disclose their identity and in any case all personal details will be kept strictly confidential. They need not answer ALL the questions of the questionnaire either. They may answer just the questions that they feel at ease writing about. Any opinion or insight about the subject of Medical tourism in the Maltese Islands coming from people who have actually traveled to Malta and/or Gozo for Health reasons – even if they did not eventually undergo medical (including dental) interventions – is most welcome. One may write to me at my e-mail address which is [email protected].

    Regards and Thanks

    Marianna Galea Xuereb

  • S Harris

    I am in the UK and need to make a complaint to the police in Egypt about a major fraud involving several millions of euros – can someone please give me an email address?



    Thanks for the good job good articles
    Am king k Noah 34 from Uganda
    looking for any kind of job from Egypt shop attendant or store keeper/GUARD
    i can pay for my air ticket and all the travel documents in case the job is available
    you can contact me on +256772512896 +256712512896
    am king k Noah from Kampala Uganda

  • Sven George

    On the direct flight between Istanbul & Cairo EgyptAir lost my luggage. I sent several e-mails without any reply, except for autoreplys so I know the e-mails were received. It was only by using a luggagetracking website after 3 days I knew that my luggage had been located. I then had to pay to call Egyptairs paynr (e-mailing obviously wasn’t working). I arranged to have my luggage delivered to my hotel later that evening. On the morning of the 4th day when my luggage still hadn’t arrived I call the paynr again. They said they couldn’t get hold of me to arrange delivery. A blatant lie since I’ve had no e-mails, sms or missed calls. Btw she says “we lost the photocopy of your passport so customs won’t release your luggage”. So instead of going with the rest of my group to the Egyptian museum I have to get a taxi to the airport & spend 4 hours getting my luggage back.

    Score so far EgyptAir 1 – Me 0

    I had already before I left Sweden booked flights to Dar es Salam. It was Tel Aviv to Cairo with Air Sinai (a company owned by EgyptAir) & then Cairo to Dar es Salam with EgyptAir. When I arrive at Tel Aviv airport I’m informed that my flight to Cairo has been cancelled! I call Air Sinais office in Tel Aviv. They tell me the flight has been cancelled for months to which I reply “but I booked it on Aug 1st”. They quickly change it to a month. They refuse to book me on a Royal Jordanian flight, the only flight to Cairo from Tel Aviv that day. The only options I got was money back or booked on flights the next day. I choose the latter & spent the night at the airport. I tried to get an upgrade to 1st class as a small compensation that didn’t cost EgyptAir anything. I was then informed that there was no 1st/business class on the airplane, only economy. That turned out to be another blatant lie because I could plainly see the 1st class seats when boarding the airplane. This one day delay meant I missed meeting my group & I had to pay & make my own way from Dar es Salam to Zanzibar.

    Score so far EgyptAir 2 – Me 0

    So EgyptAir has lost my luggage, didn’t reply to e-mails, lost the necessary paperwork to release my luggage, cancels my booked & paid flight without informing me, EgyptAir feeds me one lie after another & shows a total unwillingness to compensate me for the extra costs & hassle this has caused me. So I wonder, why does EgyptAir hate me?

    Regards Sven George

    This e-mail has also been sent to the following newspapers Daily News Egypt, EgyptToday & Egyptian Gazette

  • Rebecca Tenna

    Dear Daily News,

    I’m an International Baccalaureate student at the American International School in Egypt, and we are going on a retreat to Marsa Allam in about two weeks.

    While we’re there, we are going to document the various different activities that we are going to conduct. Some of these activities are service projects as well. One of the ways in which we’re going to document this event is through writing articles. The whole documentation team and I were wondering if you could possibly consider publishing our articles (after you take a look at them, of course). I think it would be a good representation of our school and it would be an honor to have it published soon.

    So the dates of the retreat are from Wednesday, October 3rd- Sunday October 7th.
    We are planning to have the articles three days after we come back.
    We are flexible to any and all suggestions you might have, and hope you reply soon!

    Regards, Rebecca Tenna

  • http://yahoo mohamed radwan

    Ms. Rana Allam
    Managing editor of the Daily News Egypt
    I am an Egyptian journalist living in Sinai, stopped today in front of your web site on the Internet
    I have noticed your interest news Sinai, also noted, there is no name for you in the Sinai reporter on the news.

    I am very impressed Bsahevtkm. And I have extensive experience with the press
    As I mm all about Sinai from San and the nature of the problems, and I am of the sons of one of the Bedouin tribes in Sinai.

    And I can write you an excellent illustrated stories from the Sinai. And also a follow-up to all news and events as they occur and by leaps and bounds.

    I want to work with you via Sinai and promise to provide a special work, because of my association with strong sources of network and also all about population and important issues and crossings.

    Please reply and thank you
    Mohammed Radwan

  • http://www.cedej-eg.org CEDEJ

    Dear Sir,

    We are pleased to inform you that the Centre d’Etudes et de Documentations Economiques, Juridiques et Sociales (CEDEJ) is planning to hold an international conference entitled ‘Revolts and Transitions in the Arab World: Towards a New Urban Agenda?’, to be held at the French Cultural Centre (IFE) on November 7th, 8th and 9th.

    We share with you these news in hope that you may be interested in disseminating the details of this event.
    The conference will include lectures (15 minutes plus debate) and participation from respected scholars, public figures and activists from Egypt and abroad.

    We would therefore like to ask you if we could send to you a copy of the programme and the signs, leaflets, etc.

    We thank you in advance for you interest and availability,


    The organizers

  • dalia osama

    Dear Dailynews team,we are a business oriented student activity based in Cairo University,Faculty of Pharmacy and we are organizing this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) ,(10-17NOV), we would love for your prestigious newspaper to cover this Mega-event!
    Please, i want any contact details,possibly from the PR team, so that we can discuss this event more.
    Thank You

  • Concerned_Canadianne

    To the moderators:

    Could you please explain to me why you censored the comment I tried to post in Mahmoud Salem’s article “Down with Shari’a in the Constitution”? I find nothing offensive or even slightly controversial about my comment and I’m flabbergasted at your censorship, to say the least. This is what I tried to post:

    Mahmoud, it really breaks my heart to realize what a long way “secularists” in Egypt have to go to be truly secularist. I’m astonished that you ever thought it acceptable to include any reference at all to Sharia in the constitution. And more astonished that you don’t understand the most important reason to omit it, and also any reference to the “state religion”. Please think about it again and this time, keep in mind the upwards of 8,000,000 Egyptians who are not Muslim. Also keep in mind the meaning of “secular”.

  • Yasmin El-Beih

    Dear DNE Editor/Writer,
    I would like to inquire about internships at DNE. I’m a senior at AUC studying English and Comparative Literature and I’ve worked with various publications on and off campus; may I send in my resume to apply for a winter internship (January)? And to what e-mail address?
    Let me know. Thank you.

  • Hem Raj Jain

    Sub:- Israel – Hamas truce should be utilized to achieve permanent solution

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    The Wednesday cease – fire brokered by Egypt and USA between Israel – Hamas should be utilized to achieve permanent solution of Palestinian problem as give below:-

    (1)- Even for argument sake if it is admitted what Obama said last week that – ‘Israel has right of self defense hence justified in bombing Gaza’ – Obama should understand that it is absurd to expect eternal peace from Palestinians and Muslim countries around Israel unless Israel – Palestinian dispute is resolved. But Obama did not do any thing to resolve Palestinian problem after his last efforts to initiate peace process were sabotaged in 2011 by Netanyahu by not relenting on settlement issue.

    (2)- But USA cannot do any thing to resolve Israel – Palestinian dispute for the simple reason that USA & its Western Allies (including Europe) are trying to enforce ‘Two State Solution’ and which is impossible and impractical solution. The geography of region is such that ‘Two States’ with their armed forces is impossible because civilians of each country will be within the missile range of each other. If Palestine gets a so-called State without right to keep armed forces then what type of ‘Palestine State’ it will be because without armed forces there cannot be any State.

    (3)- USA & its allies have been unnecessarily penalizing the Palestinians through two State theory especially when Netanyahu practically demanded one State solution during his 2011 address to joint session of US Congress (by demanding demilitarized Palestine and also Israel armed forces along Jordan river whereas every body knows that without armed forces there can not be any State). Moreover if Hindus and Muslims are expected by world community to live peacefully in India then why can’t Jews and Palestinian Muslims live peacefully in one country.

    (4)- Palestinians had nothing to do with holocaust. Earlier there were above 90 % Arabs and less than 10 % Jews in old Palestine (present day Israel). There was no political movement or armed struggle by Jews in or out of Israel to take Israel back from the Palestinians. Even as per Old Testament Israel does not belong to Jews (rather Jews were taken out from Egypt by Prophet Moses and were asked to kill the then residents of and capture this so called ‘Promised Land’ of Israel). Hence Palestinians have every right to live in present day Israel.

    (5)- Moreover ‘Two State Solution’ has deprived Israel of the accommodating mindset and which will always remain the dangerous political mindset in modern world because with its result now Israel has become a law unto itself (with the support of bullying USA & its Allies).

    (6)- Therefore Palestinians and Muslims (including Egypt) should persuade the world community especially USA & Allies to agree and to convince Israel for one State for Jews and Palestinians, in the interest of lasting peace in NAME region. So long and so far Palestinians and Muslims have unnecessarily relied on ‘Two State Solution’ but let them try common sense ‘One Sate Solution’ and see how miraculously fast results appear which will bring not only lasting peace to the region but also a dignified and honorable solution for the Palestinians.

  • Menelik Ezana

    If Egypt Tries To Attack The Dam, Just They Suicide Themselves!
    We Ethiopians are always amazed by Egypt’s rigid and old fashioned Nile monopolization. And the state has a known quotation “No Nile No Egypt”. This quotation is now changed “No Nile No Ethiopia” or “No Nile No East Africa”. This means the upper basin countries will use the water and feed their people. This right is given by nature, because the water starts from their blessed land. We knew that Egyptians always worry about Nile, but there is one bitter fact, that Ethiopia has 100% a right to use its own water. 85% the Nile River contributor is Ethiopia. So why you Sudanese and Egyptians exclude Ethiopia? Is it a solution? No! It must not be! We don’t have a plan to use the water by monopole like the arrogant country Egypt.
    At this year the Egyptians officials are boasting to attack the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. And we heard Egypt’s movement on Darfur area. I think Egypt officials are seems like lunatic. They don’t try to think the outcome. This is 21 century believe in diplomacy or negotiation, the solution is in your mind or on the table not on your hand. So if Egypt craziness continue and try to attack the dam, I believe we Ethiopians should do the following things.
    1. Diplomacy
    1.1 Upper basin country should stand together and struggle to use their water.
    1.2 Upper basin countries should have common military force, each country should contribute at least 20,000 soldiers, but Ethiopia will contribute three times of it. These common soldiers are known as Upper Nile Basin Force (UNBF). This force will be ready all the time. You the upper basin country gov’t think about this and apply it. Be strong! Unite! Show who are you!
    2. Ethiopian gov’t subjected to stop the flow of the Nile tributaries, so we can stop Nile here from the source without making a huge dam. The simple thing is encouraging the farmers to build the small dams from each tributary. This will be an Ethiopian policy to boost its agriculture and punish its historical enemy Egypt.
    3. Defend our self and also attack
    3.1 Use military power over Egyptians, we Ethiopians are brave on fighting, we can enter to Cairo and bombarded Aswan dam. But this will be bloodshed so we may choose this the second way.
    3.2 Add toxic chemicals to Nile river on the border of Ethio-Sudan, this is very simple anybody can do, even if the gov’t don’t allow. After that all creatures will be in danger- for a long period of time. We may use like radioactive substances and wastes, and other dangerous chemicals.
    * Addition to Ethiopians the world must stand on beside of Ethiopia, because Egypt will be another terrorist country for the world. To control East and North Africa with a confidence is only Ethiopia. Egypt, Sudan, Iran and Eritrea are trying to destabilizing the area. To overcome this problem permanently Ethiopia should stand by two legs, then you must support.

  • Filiz Akgul

    To whom it may concern,

    I am trying to get a hold of the contact details and email addresses of the writers and editors of the newspaper.

    Can someone help obtain them?


    Filiz Akgul

  • E Boon

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Since I live abroad, I was very happy to discover you upload the newspaper online in PDF format. However, over the last week or so not many papers appeared online – and I was hoping you could resume uploading the paper in PDF format. Thank you.

  • Leland Yoshitsu

    PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA by Leland Yoshitsu

    After almost 4 years have passed since “President Obama’s August 2009
    White House letter to Leland” was written and mailed:

    TORMENT a US Citizen (and his Family)


    see: The New York Times Book Review/Book Exchange – July 15 – Sept 9, 2012

    (800-458-5522 Shajuan Oliver)

    see: http://www.lelandyoshitsu.com & facebook.com/leland.yoshitsu

  • Steph Stapleton
  • Reda Sobky

    I think you don’t get it. The violent dimension is quite minimal in a nation the size of Egypt compared to almost everywhere i have studied, Russia, France, China…etc so hold your horses. America and the West, like you, are confused by the historic-social dimension of it. Egypt is emerging from the service of masters in a theistic social construction to a society which embraces a modern democratic system of government with its values and its hoped for successes. The West, intoxicated with the New Orientalism of the Politically Correct,is trying to maintain its belief that modernity is not possible for countries like Egypt and that they should be supported in staying within a religious social construction (as in Iran), hence, supporting the deposed group. The revolution of June 30 was a resounding response to substituting one master for another. Did this society have a revolution and endure its hardships in order to exchange one abuser for another? no more abusive governance is acceptable. This standard has been raised by the new generation which has grown exposed to the other societies that have such achievements under their belt. Large scale people to people learning is going on by internet and a hundred spammers and hackers can’t change that.

  • Richard Gruning

    Why don’t you get the people to vote for what they REALLY want. Go to http://www.blueplanetvote.com and log the right question. Then tell people about it. In no time at all will you have a country-wide opinion untainted by propaganda.


  • ahmed fouad

    dear, i have some pictures about clash in alexandria if you want this contacts me https://www.facebook.com/Foooooooo2sh

  • Roland Sylvester

    ,سلام , الناس


    Subject: LIFE IN ISLAM……………………..kindly send it your Dear ones …..Esa

    Students should be given lessons of Islamic Values Reading Holy Quran is best and understand and practise the guidance in your day to day life ,

    SHATEEN IS YOUR BIGGEST ENEMY GREED AND BAD DESIRES THRILLS BUT KILLS YOU FROM INSIDE YOUR SOUL BECOMES ZERO DO GOOD DEEDS EVERY DAY TO INCREASE YOUR LIFE BALANCE of GOOD DEEDS ACCOUNT ……AS YOU TRY TO INCREASE YOUR MONEY WEALTH BANK ACCOUNT As one day we have to go back to our Dearest Creator with love and respect in our hearts This life here is short We are here for a test but our Victory is with Rabbil Alamin………………ESA.