Schneider Electric aims to change Egypt’s electricity system

Mohamed Farag
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Schneider Electric chose to hold the ninth Xperience Efficiency conference in Cairo from 10 to 12 March. (Photo courtesy of Schneider Electric )

Schneider Electric aims to contribute to changing the electricity system in Egypt by providing power management and automatic controls to the New Administrative Capital.

Regional president of the Northeast Africa and the Levant Walid Sheta said that Schneider Electric’s strategy is aiming for developing resources to rely on automatic control in the management of all facilities.

He pointed to Schneider Electric’s successful experience in relying on power management and automatic control in the US city of Houston, and its success in reducing its energy consumption by 30%.

Moreover, he noted that Egypt is witnessing a great development at the moment, and specifically in the creation of the New Administrative Capital, which will contribute to the expansion of business volume in the field of energy management and automatic control.

He explained that the solution to the energy crisis in the past relied on traditional means, such as the establishment of new units and stations; yet, the future is moving towards reducing energy consumption through the use of automatic control devices and energy-saving equipment.

With regards to investment in new and renewable energy, Sheta said that that the company faced many difficulties in the cost of constructing renewable energy plants, but with the innovative solutions that are offered by modern technology, demand by investors and international companies is growing.

He added that the future of investment in new and renewable energy has become promising, and they will heavily be relied upon in the coming period, especially with the political management in Egypt moving towards relying on renewable resources to run the administrative buildings in the New Administrative Capital.

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