26 companies submit offers for Assiut power plant tender

Mohamed Farag
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Ibarahim AlShahat, chairman of Upper Egypt Electricity Production Company (UEEPC), said that the offers of the electricity transformers tender are presented by 6 companies. Public domain

Twenty-six national and international companies have presented their offers for Assiut Al-Walideya power plant’s four tenders: transformers, electrical works, civil works, and reservoirs.

Six companies have presented offers for the electricity transformers tender, chairperson of the Upper Egypt Electricity Production Company (UEEPC) Ibrahim Al-Shahat said.

The transformers tender includes designing, manufacturing, supplying, supervising the installation, and testing the main transformer that consists of three unilateral transformers, in addition to another unilateral transformer. Each transformer has a capacity of 305MVA, an assistant transformer with a capacity of 42MVA, and a fuse with its accessories at a capacity of 22.5KV.

Eleven companies submitted their offers for the electrical works tender, including Alfanar, ABB, the Egyptian German Electrical Manufacturing Co. (Egemac), Uni Trade Co., the Arab Engineering & Distribution Company (AEDCO), and Acordion.

Seven companies including Hassan Allam, CSE, Orascom, Petroget, Tecne, and Acordion submitted their offers for the civil works tender, while Petroget, the Arab Renewable Energy Commission (AREC), and Port Said Engineering submitted their offers for the reservoirs tender.

The total cost of the project is roughly EGP 5bn, and funding will be secured through loans from international funding authorities. The project’s financing resources include the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development, the Islamic Development Bank, and the OPEC Fund for Development.

This comes alongside the UEEPC’s autonomous resources which represent 23% of the total finances, equivalent to $115m, Al-Shahat said.

The chairperson said the company will make its final decision on the four tenders within three months.

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