Pro-Morsi alliance condemns Istiqlal Party dissolution

Adham Youssef
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The Pro-Morsi Anti-Coup Alliance (ACA) condemned on Tuesday the dissolution of the Islamist Istiqlal Party, describing it as “retaliation against the 25 January Revolution”.

The alliance said the decision is an extension of the policies of the “failed coup as well its judiciary, media, and police”, in attempt to counter any revolutionary mobilisation by parties or groups.

The statement also claimed that the verdict is unlawful, arguing that the court that issued the statement is not specialised in the affairs of political parties.

State media reported that the party was ordered to be dissolved on Monday by the Cairo Urgent Matters Court on the grounds of “terrorism” and inciting violence.

However, the party denied on Tuesday that it is banned, adding that it will continue its activities. “The party does not seek its legitimacy from courts.”

Almost all Islamist parties, with the exception of Al-Nour Party, came under the umbrella of the ACA to support ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.

Al-Watan and Al-Wasat, two Islamist parties, withdrew from the alliance in August, emphasising their desire  to work outside the alliance’s framework to “establish an inclusive alliance”.

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