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El-Moslimany meets youth representatives in Presidential Palace

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Presidential adviser’s meeting comes as part of his New Leaders campaign

Presidential media adviser Ahmed El-Moslimany met on Sunday afternoon with a number of youth representatives in the Presidential Palace, as a part of the New Leaders Campaign, with the latter presenting their concerns on social justice and youth empowerment.

Mahmoud Afifi, former 6 April Youth movement spokesman and current member of 30 June front, said that the meeting focused on finding procedures and criteria for empowering youth post-30 June, and creating a clear vision by the state regarding the issue.

Afifi added that the meeting discussed the fulfillment of social justice, which he said is “not only about setting a minimum and maximum income level.”

The conferees, according to Afifi, discussed the Media Honor Code, commenting that the code was part of the post 30-June roadmap, yet it has not been implemented. He also said that they discussed State’s role in stopping what he described as “defaming the 25 January Revolution in media” saying that 25 January is a real revolution and “what came afterwards are waves of correcting the political path.”

The 30 June front member also presented an initiative for youth empowerment in local council elections. The conferees asked El-Moslimany to look at such issues as illegally detained individuals under former president Mohamed Morsi and banning military trials for civilians.

Mina Magdy, member of the political bureau of Maspero Youth Coalition, said that he presented initiatives regarding youth empowerment, citizenship, closed Christian churches and compensation of the victims of sectarian clashes.

Magdy added that the attendants of the meeting presented many initiatives during the three-hour-meeting; El-Moslimany will probe these initiatives and call for another meeting to discuss the possibility of their implementation.

The meeting was attended by:

  1. Abdel Moneim Emam – Founder of Al-Thawra party
  2. Essam Abdel Rahim – The Free Front for Peaceful Change
  3. Hesham Gobran – Representative for Youth Abroad
  4. Abdel Ghany Ramadan – The Popular Movement for independence of Al-Azhar
  5. Mahmoud Afifi – 30 June Front
  6. Ramy Kamel – Coptic Youth Front
  7. Amr Sa’ad – Revolution Youth Movement
  8. Hossam Mostafa – Egypt’s Youth Movement
  9. Haytham Al-Shawaf – Revolutionary Powers Coalition
  10. Mohamed Sobhy – 6 April Democratic Front
  11. Abdel Gelil Al-Sharnooby -  Creativity Front
  12. Abdallah Mansour – The National Association for Change
  13. Mina Magdy – Maspero Youth Coalition
  14. Haytham Al-Hariri – 30 June Front, Alexandria
  15. Khaled Hafez – Sinai Revolutionists
  16. Gamal Sa’eed – Movement against marginalisation of Upper Egypt
  17. Mohamed Abdel Ghaffar – Revolutionary Youth Union, Mahalla
  18. Ahmed Omar – Qena Revolutionists
  • Reda Sobky

    Youth empowerment should be a dynamic interactive process in which a calendared youth board can meet for every ministry and important agency to maintain a focus on the “far future” in addition to the here and now. Are seas rising and how will that affect the delta? How can we solve the water problems over time? What sectors of the economy have the greatest promise of success in absorbing youth employment? Can business be encouraged by government subsidies to absorb youth into apprenticeship employment so they can get work experience? Egypt needs a YOUTH FRIENDLINESS RATING for entities such as businesses that mostly patronize youth. I think this is the best chance i have seen for an evolved Egypt to emerge from this difficult phase with its youth energizing and setting the expectation level because there is much slack in the system due to accountability failures and having youth councils with men and women working together to pull the systems together looking towards a higher level of performance and savings can be meaningful to all. Egypt has so much that would be gained just by tightening things up and connecting people more to the fruit of their labor through feedback loops, team activity and recognition of good results and exceptional results from those who can excel, Best wishes,

  • Ingunn

    It’s very good young people are given responsibility to
    form their country and lift it into, hopefully, a better future.

    BUT, I wonder,… as far as I can understand, there are ONLY young
    men on the list on who attended the meeting!

    If not Egypt, or the males in Egypt, understand that the other half of the population must be represented, it’s a step backward again!

    Come on girls!!!

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