Latest in Day: September 1, 2013 Highlight

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Latest in Day: September 1, 2013

Philip Whitfield

Out on a limb

By Philip Whitfield Once upon a time a crocodile was snoozing on the banks of the River Nile. Along came a spritely gazelle. She’d spotted a bunch of cherries on the opposite side. How to get across? One crocodile in sight indicated more dozing. “Wake up, Mr Crocodile,” she pleaded. The crocodile opened one eye …

Rasheed Hammouda

Revenge of the Sisi

Deep State? Don’t give them too much credit; their danger is much simpler than that

Fadi Elhusseini

Egypt 2013: What can you tell?

By Fadi Elhusseini Genuine democracy requires practice and partnership, and cannot be realised aloof from people. Mobilising crowds to replace the ballot box is very dangerous as the lust for power and authority can be cast in popular demands, and gain proforma legitimacy. In order to put forward a truthful analysis, one should call a …

Hisham Zaazou and his delegation will meet with Iranian government officials, tourism companies, and travel agencies to discuss easing restrictions on tourists from both countries to travel between Egypt and Iran. Photo: Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou (Photo Courtesy Tourism Ministry official Website)

Zaazou reaches out to travel industry in a YouTube video

While placing emphasis on maintaining tourism partnerships abroad, Zaazou asked foreign travel agencies to push their governments to lift their negative travel advisories for Egypt since the national curfew is not imposed in many beach tourist sites.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry 
(Getty Images/AFP//File, Alex Wong)

Sarin gas used in Damascus attack: Kerry

Hair and blood samples given to the United States from emergency workers on the scene of last month’s attack in the Syrian capital have showed signs of the powerful sarin nerve gas, Kerry told NBC and CNN television.

Students during a previous Creative Writing Course
(Photo Courtesy of Linda Cleary)

Improve your writing skills

Diwan bookstore organises a creative writing course lead by experienced teacher Linda ClearyDiwan bookstore organises a creative writing course lead by experienced teacher Linda Cleary

Audience interaction and public speaking are only a few of the things addressed in the upcoming workshop
(The Workshops Facebook page)

Stand up and be funny

A new workshop aims at teaching people all about the art of performing on the comic side

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