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Truth or dare

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Philip Whitfield

Philip Whitfield

By Philip Whitfield

Truth trumps fiction. According to some Muslim Brothers it’s time to dump Morsi and dump on General Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi. Remember this bit of Brotherhood balderdash? “We’re not seeking power. We just want to build this country.”It was mind-boggling mapping Morsi’s mendacious malarkey. Nowadays it’s caliginous charting the Brotherhood’s course.

Did you catch Al-Sisi’s interview? “We were very keen and predetermined on his [Morsi’s] success. If we wanted to oppose or not allow them [Brotherhood] to come to rule Egypt, we would have done things with the elections, as elections used to be rigged.”

Legally speaking isn’t that nunc pro tunc (now for then) when judges correct a ‘clerical error’ or allocution (openly admitting guilt)?

Al-Sisi reckons democracy takes at least 10 years to bed in. Studying at the US War College in 2006 he wrote: Simply changing the political systems from autocratic rule to democratic rule will not be enough to build a new democracy…the world cannot demand democracy in the Middle East, yet denounce what it looks like because a less than pro-western party (Hamas) legitimately assumes office.

Spot on. It explains why he’s pressing his civvies. Grey suit one day; button down blue the next. Al-Sisi’d be a perfect president to banjax the ikhwan. Say one thing; do another.

You be Truth. I’ll be Dare.

Truth The president vowed not to be lenient with those who kill innocents.

Dare Who’d he mean?

Truth He said some want to cause chaos dragging the country into the unknown.

Dare Any other clues?

Truth They want this period to be an introduction to violence and blood.

Dare Careful what you wish for.

Truth One up on Morsi.

Dare Who’s they?

Truth Didn’t say.

Dare The other clue?

Truth We want it to be protecting lives and human rights.

Dare Whoopsy daisy.

Truth He’s the lawyer.

Dare Anything else?

Truth He said the government wasn’t scared or terrorised.

Dare Didn’t someone say Al Qaeda’s behind it?

Truth Foreign Affairs spotted a flag on a march.

Dare I eat flakes. Doesn’t mean I am one.

Truth The president said history would not turn around.

Dare How long did he speak?

Truth Eight minutes, pre-recoded.

Dare Longer than Lincoln’s Gettysburg address.

Truth Another lawyer.

Dare Where did Lincoln get: All men are created equal?

Truth Athens – Pericles.

Dare Not off the bat?

Truth Thucydides made a note covering the Peloponnesian War.

Dare What about: These dead shall not have died in vain.

Truth Old French. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in Paris.

Dare How come Lincoln only spoke 10 lines?

Truth Sick as a dog. Mild smallpox.

Dare America’s most revered speech wasn’t in the papers.

Truth The pool reporter got tiddly and cabled: The president also spoke.

Dare Truth?

Truth The first casualty of war.


Philip Whitfield is a Cairo commentator.

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