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Eight dead, four injured in Al-Arish attacks

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Pro-Morsi protesters burn Al-Arish city council

By Nasser El Azazy

Terrorist attacks and violence resumed in Al-Arish, with eight dead and four injured in attacks on security forces on Thursday.

Militants attacked two army roadblocks in El-Safa Sokkar, south of Al-Arish ring road. Eyewitnesses said militants in two cars opened fire on security personnel stationed at the roadblocks.

Dr. Tarek Khater, deputy of the ministry of health in Al-Arish said the attacks killed seven soldiers and injured three.

A Medical source in North Sinai confirmed the death of security personnel Mahmoud El-Hakny, 21, after militants attacked the Police Club in Al-Arish. He was shot in his chest and shoulder.

The same source confirmed that a police Captain in Al-Arish’s third police station was transferred to the Agouza military hospital in Cairo, on a military plane, after he was injured in an attack on the police station.

Eyewitnesses said unidentified militants opened fire on a roadblock at the Sheikh Zuweid city gate, injuring one security personnel.

A pro-Morsi group set fire to the first floor of Al-Arish city council building.

Eyewitnesses said the group set fire to some offices by throwing molotov cocktails and fled. They also confirmed that people controlled the fire.

Three army offices were burnt yesterday, including Al-Arish’s office of recruitment and mobilisation.





  • Hamid Siddiqui

    It should not be called TERRORISTS ATTACK, it is fight for right

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