Germany calls for Morsi release in Egypt - Daily News Egypt

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Germany calls for Morsi release in Egypt

"We call for an end to the restrictions on Mr Morsi's whereabouts," a foreign ministry spokesman said

Germany wants the release of Morsi (AFP Photo)
Germany calls for the release of Morsi (AFP Photo)

AFP – Germany on Friday called for the release of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi amid mounting tensions between supporters and opponents over his overthrow.

“We call for an end to the restrictions on Mr Morsi’s whereabouts,” a foreign ministry spokesman told reporters.

Morsi is currently being held in a “safe place, for his safety” and has not yet been charged with anything, according to the Egyptian foreign ministry, but military and judicial sources say he may eventually face charges.

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  • sam enslow

    The article doen’t follow the headline. They want to know where he is so an organization like the Red Cross can see that he is being treated in a humane way.
    There is a valid legal point to justify a call for his release. If Morsy is believed guilty of a crime, charge him with that (those crimes) or let him go. I can think of many charges that could be brought, all of which would warrent holding him without bail. Egyptians complained about Morsy holding people without charge and complain about prisoners in Gitmo. To hold Morsy without charges is to accept that terrible double standard. Wrong is wrong.
    I have no use for Morsy or any Islamists, but Egypt needs to learn how to apply the rule of law if it wants to be democratic and free. I support 30 June, but law is law.

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