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Operations shut down at the Port of Sokhna on poor worker performance

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Singapore shipping line to reroute its East Asian freight to Djibouti ports

``PIL’’ shipping maritime line said operations temporarily halted at Port of Sokhna following poor work performance (DNE Photo)

“PIL’’ shipping maritime line said operations temporarily halted at Port of Sokhna following poor work performance
(DNE Photo)

By Hussein Ghanima

Ahmed Mustafa, Director of the maritime shipping line “PIL”, recently said that work has temporarily ceased at the Port of Sokhna due to poor worker performance. The port, which was previously under the jurisdiction of the company Platinum Shipping, is currently run by the General Authority for Red Sea Ports. Transfer of freight to and from ships located on the docks has decreased significantly in recent months, with an average of 8 containers transferred per shift, compared with the previous rate of 25 containers per shift.

Mustafa added that companies operating on the Singapore maritime shipping line would re-route their freight from China and Japan to ports in Djibouti, in order to avoid what they described as a problem of “worker laziness”. No legal restrictions currently exist that would prevent the company from doing so.

On 9 May Platinum Shipping workers in the Port of Sokhna purposely slowed down their work when transferring freight to and from ships. As a result, freight shipments that previously took one day’s worth of work were now taking upwards of five days to complete. This prompted companies working from Singapore to shut down their operations at the Port of Sokhna.

  • Beachbummer

    Who is in charge of this port? If the workers are lazy then they should be fired and the blame placed on their superiors for being to lazy to properly supervise their crew. If they are deliberately slowing down the work then once again this is a management problem. Jobs are scarce in Egypt and these guys obviously don’t appreciate them or are they so underpaid that they could care less? Once again that would be a management problem. I’ve NEVER read about a major company discontinuing a working relationship because of worker laziness. From reading your article i get the impression that Egypt’s ports are a virtual free for all with no supervision or structure. Embarrassing! Why didn’t you get a statement from Platinum Shipping before you wrote this article? Did they decline comment? Who is the editor that lets this writing represent Daily News?

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