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ESDP criticises Morsi

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Egyptian Social Democratic Party says President Morsi’s latest speech on attacks on the Brotherhood headquarters is unprecedented in history of fascism

The ESDP condemns the ongoing practices of President Morsi, which threaten the political system

The ESDP condemns the ongoing practices of President Morsi, which threaten the political system

The Egyptian Social Democratic Party (ESDP) condemned the actions of President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood regarding the clashes that took place in front of the Brotherhood’s headquarters in Moqattam. According to a press release by the party issued on Wednesday evening the group accused Morsi of being hostile to democracy and freedom of expression.

The statement said that Morsi’s reaction to the protests at the Brotherhood headquarters “clearly reveals his loyalty and negates his claim of being the president of all Egyptians, as well as his inherent hostility to democracy and freedom of expression”.

Morsi’s reaction to “the kidnapping, torture and murder of protesters, as well as the transformation of mosques into torture house by the Brotherhood under the nose of security forces” was to make what the ESDP describe as “an unprecedented declaration in the history of fascism”.

In a recent speech Morsi “announced his willingness to accept the sacrifice of some citizens for the sake of stability,” ESDP said

On the arrest, torture and murder of protesters, the ESDP said the president has failed to respond to crimes perpetrated against his opponents. The statement lists “the Supreme Constitutional Court siege, the killing of more than twenty citizens in Port Said and the systematic rape and physical assaults against women,” as several examples of the lack of interest shown by the government.

ESDP further criticised the president for being intolerant of Egypt’s independent media, saying this led to the second siege of Media City. This, the statement says, serves to “further suppress the opposition” and false accusations against opposition leaders and activists have started to surface.

“The ESDP condemns the ongoing practices of President Morsi, which threaten the political system,” the statement said. “The President has proven, beyond reasonable doubt, incompetence as a country leader during this critical phase, failing to provide what is necessary to create a political and societal compatibility necessary for the advancement of economy and the achievement of democracy.”

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