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Two Tourists kidnapped in South Sinai

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A Norwegian and an Israeli were kidnapped by masked gunmen in Dahab, South Sinai

Since an uprising overthrew president Hosni Mubarak last year, the Sinai has grown ever more lawless (AFP/File, Andre Durand)

Since an uprising overthrew president Hosni Mubarak last year, the Sinai has grown ever more lawless (AFP/File, Andre Durand)

By Nasser El-Azzazy

Two tourists were kidnapped while vacationing in the Dahab in the south of the Sinai Peninsula.

Adel Al-Hefnawi, Director of Security in South Sinai received information that a group of masked gunmen from North Sinai kidnapped a Norwegian tourist and her friend, an Israeli Arab.

The tourists were kidnapped near a checkpoint between Taba and Dahab, in the south of the peninsula. The vehicle the tourists were in was damaged, indicating that it was forcefully stopped.

It is believed that the tourists were kidnapped as a bargaining chip to secure the release of a man from North Sinai recently arrested for possession of a large amount of drugs.

The names of the two tourists have not been disclosed to the public. Security is currently trying to locate them. They are believed to have been taken to dessert or mountainous areas in Central Sinai.

In July 2012, a man called Jirmy Abu Masuh kidnapped two American nationals in an attempt to secure the release of his detained uncle.

The Sinai Peninsula has suffered from repeated security threats including attacks on security personnel during the past months. One attack in August, 2012 left more than a dozen Egyptian security personnel dead.

In November 2012, Britainraised the terror level in Sinai and advised against all but essential travel to the peninsula.

  • Adam Neira

    Prayers for the kidnapped tourists.

    Good luck to the Egyptian authorities in securing their release. Tourism is a vital component of the economy and the vast majority of Egyptians abhor violence.

    P.S. The Gulf of Aqaba coast of the South Sinai Peninsula is absolutely spectacular. The majestic coral reefs that line the shore have been around since Moses and his fellow travelers graced the area more than 3300 years ago during the time of the Exodus. If you didn’t know, Di Zahav was one of the places he addressed the people.

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