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Alliance between seven Islamist parties

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Abu Ismail said the coalition aims to protect the achievements of 25 January Revolution and the constitutional path

Hazem Salah Abu Ismail has decided to establish a new political party to run for the parliamentary elections. (AFP Photo)

Hazem Salah Abu Ismail announced that the coalition will confront any attempts by opposition forces to overthrow the regime or bring back military rule.
(AFP Photo)

Seven Islamist parties, Al-Rayah, Al-Islah, Al-Aamal Al-Gadid, Al-Asalah, Al-Fadilah, Al-Shaab and Al-Islami announced in a conference on Saturday their new coalition under the name “Al-Ummah Alliance”.

The conference was attended by disqualified presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail of Al-Rayah party, Magdi Ahmed Hussain of the  Al-Aamal Al-Gadid, Atiya Adlan of the Al-Islah Pary, Mahmoud Fathy of the Al-Fadilah Party and Khaled Saeed of the Al-Shaab Party.

Abu Ismail announced that the coalition will confront any attempts by opposition forces to overthrow the regime or bring back military rule.

He commented on the current incidents in Cairo and other governorates as “a crisis much bigger than the historic Cairo fire” of 1952.

Abu Ismail added that rumours of the army resuming control of the state as a result of the security vacuum is “not just a red line, but a line of flamed fire, that we all will face with full strength”.

“The allied parties decided to form a political coalition to gather a popular bloc that will fight against some opposition conspiracies to burn the country,” Al-Shaab spokesperson Ahmed Mawlana said.

He added that there will be no communication with the Al-Nour Party that holds “biased stances towards the National Salvation Front (NSF)” or the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) as “the coalition refuses some of their political actions”.

According to Secretary for Assistant Organisation of  Al-Aamal Al-Gadid Diaa Al-Sawy, the coalition is considered a third alternative to the current regime “which failed to satisfy the expectations of the Egyptian people” and “the NSF that seeks to burn the country”.

“[Al-Ummah] will work on providing effective solutions through legitimate steps,” Al-Sawy added.

Abu Ismail called on the Shura Council to take legislative responsibility over amending the elections law within one week, in order to prevent the parliamentary elections from being postponed any further.

At the end of the conference, Abu Ismail called on “every honest Egyptian” to be prepared to save the country from what he calls “the Vandals” who seek to destroy the country for an external schema.

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