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Opposition takes a break this Friday

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Apart from one protest planned by Al Dostour Party, opposition groups are taking a break

Opposition groups took to the streets every Friday for the past month. AFP PHOTO / MOHAMED EL-SHAHED

Opposition groups took to the streets every Friday for the past month.

The National Salvation Front (NSF) announced it will not be calling for marches or protests on Friday.

The front, alongside several other political movements, has been engaging in marches and protests nationwide every Friday for the past month.

“We are not calling for any marches,” said Khaled Dawoud, NSF spokesperson. He added that other political movements will take to the streets.

The Al-Dostour Party, a component of the NSF, is organising a protest outside the High Court Complex for Friday afternoon. The protest will call for investigations into the murder of protesters during clashes which followed the 25 January Revolution’s second anniversary.

The party will also demand justice for those who were killed during the presidential palace clashes in December 2012 and the anniversary of the November 2012 Mohamed Mahmoud clashes, as well as retribution for the Central Security Forces conscripts who were killed during a terrorist attack near the border city of Rafah in August 2012.

“The Al-Dostour Party is not organising marches on Friday,” said Ahmed Emad, protest organiser and secretariat for mass action for the Al-Dostour Party. The Popular Current and 6 April Movement (Ahmed Maher front) also denied any participation in marches or protests on Friday.

Protests have been filling the streets every Friday for the past four weeks. Protesters, both for and against President Mohamed Morsi, have gathered in Tahrir Square, in front of the presidential palace, near Al-Qubba palace and in Al-Nahda Square.

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