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this is egypt

this is egypt


Quote of the Day: Hisham Qandil

Daily News Egypt chooses the prime minister's quote for the day

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  • Reda Sobky

    Your are what you do and in this case what you allow. You allow this and you are reduced to it. It is common knowledge that there are people on the street who are encouraging harassment and violence towards women and minorities… now we have actual police men engaging in brutal behavior that is beastly in nature, like the stuff they do in Syria and Iraq when you find mutilated tortured bodies. That is so unEgyptian, we just don’t accept this from anyone. Look into this young man now being buried, Mr Kandeel, you need to find out who did this and if it is police again, it will be obvious you are wrong and Egypt is becoming that which we have sworn it is not and if it is the group in power now then Egypt is becoming that too and you are doing it yourself. All freedom loving people, which includes you, need to take active steps to stop it or else we join the brutes, the butchers and the otherwise uncivilized beastly types who seem to populate the world these days.