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Al-Nour proposes reconciliation initiative

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Salafi party’s initiative includes forming new government, appointing new prosecutor general

Younis Makhyoun, leader of the Salafi-inspired Al-Nour Party (DNE/ Hassan Ibrahim)

Younis Makhyoun, leader of the Salafi-inspired Al-Nour Party (DNE/ Hassan Ibrahim)

The Salafi Al-Nour Party announced on Tuesday a new initiative for resolving the current political crisis. The initiative includes forming a national coalition government, appointing a new prosecutor general and forming a committee to consider amending controversial articles in the constitution.

Younes Makhyoun, head of Al-Nour Party explained the initiative during a press conference held on Tuesday. The initiative called on the current government led by Hesham Qandil to refrain from taking any long-term decisions, saying it is a temporary government.

Furthermore, it called for dismissing Qandil’s government and forming a new government comprised of technocrats in addition to representatives of different political parties.

Makhyoun called on the prosecutor general to resign, suggesting that the Supreme Judicial Council should select three judges from which President Mohamed Morsy could appoint the new prosecutor general.

Regarding the constitution, Makhyoun suggested forming a new committee to be responsible for considering proposals to amend constitutional articles and reaching consensus on them. He said the committee should be formed of legal experts and politicians.

“President Morsy promised us to submit the constitutional amendments to the upcoming parliament, but we have to reach consensus on those amendments first.”

The Salafi leader said his party is against the state of emergency declared by Morsy on Sunday. However, he said he believed Morsy would end the state of emergency once calm was restored.

Makhyoun also called on Egypt’s different political groups to join national dialogue sessions.

The party head affirmed his party encourages peaceful protest and opposes any sort of violence. He claimed that it is necessary to adopt a new law governing protests to prevent violence.


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