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Protesters clash with security in Youssef Gendy

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As tens of thousands flock to Tahrir, clashes erupt near the square

Central Security Forces in Tahrir Square vicinity (Photo by Hassan Ibrahim/DNE)

Central Security Forces in Tahrir Square vicinity (Photo by Hassan Ibrahim/DNE)

As tens of thousands protested in Tahrir Square, hundreds clashed with security forces nearby at Youssef Al-Gendy Street.

In a familiar scene, a concrete block wall separated protesters and Central Security Forces soldiers as they skirmished, sending rocks and tear gas canisters in each other’s direction.

Tahrir Square filled from marches from Mostafa Mahmoud Square, Istiqama Mosque and Shubra among other neighbourhoods.

The square remained calm despite the clashes taking place nearby. The Ministry of Interior had announced earlier that it would not send policemen into Tahrir.

At the time of reporting, clashes in Youssef Al-Gendy Street were on going. Protesters carried the injured every so often and ambulances made their way through the crowd to receive them.

The protest in Tahrir Square came on the second anniversary of the 25 January 2011 uprising that toppled former President Hosni Mubarak.

Other protests took place all over the country in Alexandria, Suez and Mahalla as part of a larger protest wave against President Mohamed Morsy.

Demonstrators took to the streets with a plethora of different demands including ensuring free and fair elections in the upcoming parliamentary elections, demanding the newly adopted constitution be scrapped, and dismissing Prime Minister Hesham Qandil’s cabinet. Others demanded Morsy himself resign.

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