Untie the knot

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By Sarah Tonsy

So globalization turned out to be a jinx after all. Why is it that the West is not dropping it? Just untie the knot and become their own masters again rather than being pushovers of corporations that are only after higher profits.

The US has been collapsing in a vicious cycle of recession and unemployment and there seems to be no way out. Barack Obama was a new promising figure to bring them out of their misery but it seems that not even Superman can get them out of this one.

The European Union seemed like an invincible economic fortress but one country has been falling behind after the other. Ireland, Greece, Spain and now a backbone for the EU, Germany, is starting to drop.

Why are politicians and economists not advising these countries about an un-globalized solution to their endless economic problems?

Solutions have been tried and not only by these developed countries but also by the developing countries in terms of structural adjustments and more structural adjustments.

Wars have been waged to control energy sources and other attempts to boost the West’s economy continue.

I believe it is time to give it a try. Each country should try to be more controlling whether developed or developing; to manufacture for themselves, for their own markets and stop the multinational madness that is polarizing not only populations within their countries but also countries in the globe.

This is worse than communism! The wealth is in the hands of the Tsar and the rest are equally in poverty, symbolically, of course.

Egypt is now at a crossroads in all this economic anarchy. Therefore, instead of continuing to provide cheap labor or labor to serve the multinational monsters, we should start by investing in education, healthcare and proper sanitary housing. We should create the labor that serves us as a developing country in order to develop and not for the developed to put more money in their pockets, sometimes more than they can handle.

I am not calling for a comeback to Nasserism, going about nationalizing everything, but rather to humanism. Egypt needs to start moving again for its own good and not the few corrupt statesmen. The factories should start producing again; the production that meets our demands not those of other countries or multi-monsters. The teachers should start reforming.

We should learn from what is happening now in terms for recession, high and increasing unemployment rates that the West is not always right. We, as Egyptians, should do what we see fit for our own good.


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