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Zawya screens Lebanese ‘104 Wrinkles’

In a special tribute to the documentary that won several international awards, Zawya will screen Hady Zaccak’s film “Ya Omri” (104 Wrinkles), in which he followed his grandmother’s life since she was young until she turned 104. The film won several awards, including the Jury Award at the Malmo Arab Film Festival in Sweden. In …

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Zawya brings European cinema to Tanta and Minya

By Rana Khaled Filmmakers and cinema critics have been complaining of the centralisation of the large cinema venues in Cairo and Alexandria for decades. Thinking out of the box, Zawya has launched the 8th edition of the Panorama of the European Film that will for the first time spread its wings outside of the capital …

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Cinema for the blind with Zawya

By Rana Khaled   Have you ever imagined that the visually impaired might still have a chance to watch a full film in a normal cinema theatre? Have you ever thought they are able to see the backgrounds and atmosphere of each scene, get the full conversations between actors and even understand their feelings, facial …

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