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Yosri Fouda makes TV comeback, says hiatus proved ‘stance’

CAIRO: Prominent TV presenter Yosri Fouda returned to the small screen Sunday night, with a new episode of ON TV program “Akher Kalam,” after a three-week hiatus. Fouda hosted outspoken SCAF critic novelist Alaa Al-Aswany and journalist Ibrahim Eissa, the two guests that were scheduled to be on the episode which he cancelled in October …


Fouda returns to TV with Aswany and Eissa

CAIRO: Prominent TV presenter Yosri Fouda said he will resume his ON TV program “Akher Kalam” starting Sunday, three weeks after suspending it. “I will be back to “Akher Kalam” show along with two prominent writers Alaa El Aswany and Ibrahim Eissa to discuss the Egyptian scene,” Fouda wrote on his Twitter account late Wednesday. …


SCAF member calls on Yosri Fouda to resume TV show

CAIRO: The ruling military council called upon TV anchor Yosri Fouda to resume his suspended program “Akher Kalam” in a phone interception with ONTV channel Sunday night. Ismail Etman, member of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and head of the Morale Affairs Department, phoned “Baladna bel Masry” show, which airs on …


Rights organizations condemn pressure on critical TV show

CAIRO: Rights organizations condemned the alleged pressures imposed by the ruling military council on ONTV anchor Yosri Fouda, who decided Friday to indefinitely suspend his TV show "Akher Kalam" (Final Word) in which he was planning to host outspoken SCAF critic novelist Alaa Al-Aswany. Fouda had apologized Thursday night for cancelling an episode in which …


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