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Humanitarian ceasefire in Yemen is urgently needed

As war continues to rage uninterrupted in Yemen and the country spirals into chaos, a humanitarian ceasefire has become an ever more pressing need to tend to the swaths of the civilian population devastated in the wake of the increasing militarisation that are in need of urgent middle care. Restrictions on access to medical supplies and …

Cesar Chelala

Tourism, Muslim Brotherhood pressure Egypt-UK relations

  By Amira El-Fekki and Toqa Ezzidin The aftermath of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s first visit to the UK, which concluded this weekend, was controversial, due to concerns expressed by Britain and the US, claiming recent confirmations that the Russian Airbus A321 was downed by Sinai-based militants. The significance of Al-Sisi’s trip to London stems …

Amira El-Fekki