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Egyptian prominent writer Mostafa El-Labbad dies at 54

El-Labbad was born in Cairo in 1965. He is the son of…

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Egypt mourns young generations’ ‘godfather’

Ahmed Khaled Tawfik dies at 55 

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Egyptian writer Louis Greiss dies aged 90

He was first, only Egyptian to interview Che Guevara

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Egypt mourns renowned intellectual El-Sayed Yassin

Yassin was an award winning and influential sociologist 

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Romantic novels are the cure, dream, and getaway for people in current circumstances: novelist Rasha Samir 

In spite of the increasing numbers of published books and novels in…

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In Video: Murdered ideas


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‘As a Black person in a white society, I can have an impact,’ says author Sharon Dodua Otoo

British writer Sharon Dodua Otoo just won the prestigious Bachmann Prize for…

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Ahmed Naji: Creativity and morality in Egypt

Naji’s recent sentence is not the first and will not be the…

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Fatima Naoot sentenced to 3 years for ‘insulting Islam’

The writer was charged with contempt of religion

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