Cruelty is not a human right

From 1 January to 18 August 2015, the Israeli police demolished 331…

Cesar Chelala Cesar Chelala

Egypt, Norway to co-host Gaza conference

“Keeping a population trapped and starved provides no security for Gaza's neighbours”,…

Joel Gulhane Joel Gulhane

Fresh Gaza talks in Cairo following new ceasefire

Israeli delegation returns to Cairo despite low levels of trust, will not…

Joel Gulhane Joel Gulhane

‘Mounting evidence’ of ‘war crimes’ in Gaza conflict: Amnesty

Gaza death toll soars over 1,650 as more bodies are pulled from…

Hend Kortam Hend Kortam

‘Terminology’ of Gaza ceasefire proposal still needs work: Kerry

Netanyahu agrees to 12-hour “pause” in Gaza, Kerry hopeful for extension

Joel Gulhane Joel Gulhane

US, UN to announce humanitarian ceasefire initiative: Hamas official

John Kerry and Ban Ki Moon meet in Cairo in efforts to…

Joel Gulhane Joel Gulhane

Gaza briefly calm before UN ‘humanitarian pause’ broken

Diplomatic efforts continue, Hamas remains silent on Egyptian ceasefire proposal

Joel Gulhane Joel Gulhane

Egypt’s resources at Sudan’s disposal to fight flooding

The Egyptian Irrigation Unit's resources will be available to the Sudanese authorities…

Joel Gulhane Joel Gulhane