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Less haste, more speed: A path to transition and reform in Egypt

By Tamer Bahgat and Khalid El-Sherif CAIRO: “Today we reign in our valley and restore the glory of our past, and build glory with our hands. A country we sacrifice for and which sacrifices for us. A country with justice we support, and with God’s support we build.” – Ahmed Shawky As Egypt’s revolution enters its …


Constitutional Patriotism: Completing Egypt’s Revolution

By Tamer Bahgat and Khalid El-Sherif “Her length is a month’s journey, and width is ten months. Her sky is clear, her Nile is sweet and her land is most fertile. Her women are unique wonders, and her men are toys. A piper will bring the people together, and a stick will separate them. They …


Egypt for Egyptians

By Tamer Bahgat Friday, with the brief words of the laconic former vice president, our Republic has been freed from its bondage and returned to its rightful owners, for the people by the people. In the past days we witnessed the shroud of fear unwrapped, the individuals communing to unite for a common cause, and the …


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