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Three Egyptians, six Israelis sentenced to life in prison over “Ovadia” spy ring

Defendants were accused of spying in favour of Israeli military intelligence in…

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When citizens spy: Russia’s FindFace sparks privacy controversy

A facial recognition app has been used to maliciously unveil the identities…

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Israel releases 4 more Egyptians in prisoner-swap

Three of the prisoners had already served their terms, says Israel

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Egypt-Israel prisoner swap deal stirs controversy

Critics say Israeli "spy" was close to completing his sentence anyway

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Egypt releases Israeli Arab spy Ouda Tarabin

Egypt has freed the convicted Israeli agent Ouda Tarabin in an apparent…

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2 Egyptians given prison sentences for spying for Mossad

The defendants were given sentences of up to 25 years, with two…

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Guilt or competition? Winning the Cyber Espionage War

By Michael R. Czinkota During the Cold War, the Allies protected Germany’s…

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Iran court overturns ex-US Marine’s death sentence

Convicted of espionage, with the penalty being cut to 10 years in…

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Jailed Israeli spy could be key to peace talks

A source close to the talks said on Tuesday that there was…

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Egypt Morsi spy case on hold, lawyers want new judges

The case, one of three already opened against Morsi, comes amid a…

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