4 more suspects identified in Al-Mansoura’s mob sexual  harassment incident

Daily News Egypt
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Security forces have identified four additional young men who were involved in the mass sexual harassment against two girls during New Year’s Eve in Al-Mansoura, Ministry of interior said on Saturday.

Security forces were able to identify the victims and suspects through videos circulated on social media.

About a few days ago, a video circulated on social media of a group of men surrounding a screaming woman, sexually harassing her, and attempting to push her into a car.

The Mansoura prosecution is already investigating seven suspects accused of sexual assault and harassment against two young girls in the incident after they were identified by the victims from a group of 17 young men.

The second female victim of the assault reportedly managed to escape into an apartment building before being later escorted from the scene.

On Wednesday, the Mansoura prosecution said that they were investigating the circumstances surrounding the video as police questioned more than 20 shop owners and workers who were in the area where the assault took place.

Investigations identified the two victims of the assault as students in their early twenties.

The victims did not officially report the incident due to their bad psychological state, security sources said to state-run Al-Ahram newspaper.

They said that they were verbally harassed in the beginning, then later found themselves surrounded by dozens of young men who were trying to touch their private parts. Others were recording the incident. 

In 2017, Egypt’s Parliament approved a law pushing tougher penalties on sexual harassment. It imposes jail terms of one year instead of jailing for just six months. It also imposes fines of EGP 5,000 and no more than EGP 10,000 on those who are accused and founded guilty of sexual harassment.

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