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SCC to host National Day Celebration on Thursday evening: Club Manager

Celebration to be held with participation of SEBA, embassy, business community

Hagar Omran Hagar Omran

Supreme Constitutional Court names Abdel Wahab Abdel Razek as new chief

The assembly was held in order to select an alternative for the…

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Prosecution appeals release of Mohamed Mahmoud detainees on bail

Court session scheduled for Monday to rule on prosecution’s appeal

Nourhan Fahmy Nourhan Fahmy

Al-Sisi ratifies new SCC law amendments

Amendments allow elections convention before final decisions on elections law constituency

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Amended parliamentary laws await presidential approval

Laws amended include those organising exercise of political rights, operation of House…

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Egyptian parliament: To be or not to be?

Senior legal advisors say parliamentary law is unconstitutional

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Supreme Constitutional Court overturns clemency ban

By Sharif Paget The Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) ruled unconstitutional a decree…

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NGO ‘shocked’ at continued detention of anti-Protest Law demonstrators

Case involves trial of 24 people charged with breaching Protest Law

Hend Kortam Hend Kortam

Protest Law to be appealed before SCC

An NGO and a law centre had both filed a lawsuit challenging…

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