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Iran keen on seeing Egypt revive international and regional role

Egyptian media delegation meets with Iran’s deputy foreign minister

Aya Nader Aya Nader

Shoukry looks to increase cooperation on Europe tour

Egyptian foreign minister begins four day tour of European capitals

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Shoukry meets with Omani Foreign Minister

Discussions included the coming Arab foreign ministers meeting

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International conference to revive Downtown as heritage area via presidential commission

The government is set to hold an international conference, commissioned by President…

Mohamed Ayyad Mohamed Ayyad

Libya’s neighbours push for political process as crisis deepens

Islamist dominated GNC appoint rival PM as international community calls for calm

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Shoukry and US Libya envoy discuss regional security situation

Foreign minister stresses coordinative role international community has in achieving stability in…

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‘Terminology’ of Gaza ceasefire proposal still needs work: Kerry

Netanyahu agrees to 12-hour “pause” in Gaza, Kerry hopeful for extension

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Egypt condemns Israeli targeting of UNRWA shelter in Gaza

Israel insists people were warned, asked to evacuate before launching strike

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No change to Egyptian ceasefire proposal: Egypt FM

Gaza is an open wound and Band-Aid won’t help, says Ban Ki…

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Egyptian FM calls Moroccan counterpart after prostitution comment

An Egyptian television host claimed the Moroccan economy was based on prostitution

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