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Koran burning anger hits US-Afghan strategy talks

By Lawrence Bartlett / AFP KABUL: The fallout from the burning of Korans at a US base has complicated already troubled negotiations about the nature of the US-Afghan relationship once NATO combat troops leave in two years’ time. At stake is a strategic partnership deal covering the period after 2014 when the US-led coalition is due …


America’s Islamic blind spots

By Naomi Wolf NEW YORK: In the wake of the Quran-burning by troops at the United States’ Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, protests continue to escalate, and the death toll mounts. In the process, three US blind spots have become obvious. One is that of the US media, whose coverage simply underscores — and amplifies — …


Quran burnings indicate need for mission overhaul

By Lisa Schirch and Karim Merchant LONDON: Recent news of US troops burning copies of the Quran in Afghanistan sparked protests and fuelled violence. In response, US President Barack Obama apologized and US military leaders in Afghanistan announced that all foreign troops will receive training on how to handle religious materials. This current crisis signals the …


Thousands besiege US base over Quran burning

By Mushtaq Mojaddidi / AFP KABUL: Thousands of furious Afghans besieged a US base on Thursday, throwing rocks and climbing up the outer walls on the third day of violent protests against Quran burnings that have killed at least 12 people. Just hours earlier, the Taliban exhorted Afghans to attack and kill foreign troops to avenge …


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