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Seventh Ika Dolly cultural festival: bringing Nubia’s almost forgotten glory to the Capital

"Music is a language without words, we were betting on the rhythms…

Nada Deyaa’ Nada Deyaa’

Amateur artist features Nubia’s alluring beauty

‘Many people believe Nubians still live in tents, with nothing but desert…

Nada Deyaa’ Nada Deyaa’

Azza Fahmy builds silver, gold, turquoise Nubia

It was not until designer came across a collection of turquoise stones…

Nayera Yasser Nayera Yasser

Prime Minister promises to give Nubians a stake in 1.5m acres project as protests continue

MPs in Aswan for negotiations with Nubian protesters; no meetings held with…

Sarah El-Sheikh Sarah El-Sheikh

Project features girl dressed in Nubia’s traditional costumes, amazes people

We are astonished by people’s ignorance when it comes to Nubia, says…

Nada Deyaa’ Nada Deyaa’

‘Komma’ initiative aims to address stereotypes, issues in Nubia

  Popular culture has propagated a certain idyllic image of Nubia in…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

5 acre agricultural land provided for residents in Nubia

Ministry of Housing trying to attract Nubian families to return to Nubia…

Menna Samir Menna Samir

163 Aswan residents sent to court for “mass murder”

Clashes between two tribes in April had left 25 dead and dozens…

Aya Nader Aya Nader

The First Nubian Radio Station

A youth group launched a specialized radio station to help spread Nubian…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

A Nubian wedding

Nubian wedding traditions are alive and well in West Aswan

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt