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Egypt braces for Morsi’s trial

Ministry of Interior says it has a plan to “abort any scheme

Hend Kortam Hend Kortam

45 arrested in Alexandria as Morsi supporters clash with residents

Fighting also reported in Nasr City district of Cairo

Fady Ashraf Fady Ashraf

Clashes in Friday protests, 11 arrested

More than a hundred days since his ouster, supporters of former President

Hend Kortam Hend Kortam

Clashes in Cairo ahead of 6 October anniversary

One dead and eight injured in violence in the capital

Joel Gulhane Joel Gulhane

Deaths, injuries and arrests during Friday protests

At least two reported dead and dozens injured and arrested after Friday

Hend Kortam Hend Kortam

Morsi supporters to protest on Tuesday

The National Coalition to Support Legitimacy calls for "the coup is terrorism"

Hend Kortam Hend Kortam

Seven dead following Friday protests

Pro-Morsi demonstrations see lower turnout ending in clashes

Joel Gulhane Joel Gulhane

National Coalition to Support Legitimacy calls for boycott of ‘pro-coup’ businesses

NCSL accuses security forces of premeditating violence

Mostafa Salem Mostafa Salem

If you are not with us, you are against us

For three years, Egyptians have been taking to the streets demanding democracy,

Rana Allam Rana Allam

Investigations into Rabaa Al-Adaweya clashes begin

Death toll from Rabaa Al-Adaweya clashes on the rise as official sources

Rana Muhammad Taha Rana Muhammad Taha