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Are Arab Jews extinct?

By Naava Mashiah GENEVA: The growing rift between Israel and the Arab world makes it hard to imagine that Jews and Arabs once coexisted across the Middle East. At one point these identities could be found not only in the same neighborhood, but even in the same person. Is it an oxymoron to be an Arab …


Israel/neighbors must cooperate to stop the food crisis

By Naava Mashiah GENEVA: The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is facing hard times as it struggles with a growing food security crisis. Food security has been in the headlines since 2008, due to the rise of oil prices and a growing demand for certain crops by alternative energy producers, which, in turn, have …


The Israeli uprising

By Naava Mashiah GENEVA: “What Israel now needs is an uprising.” This is the comment I heard on the side-lines of the discussions at a conference called “Enriching the Economic Future of the Middle East VI” that took place in mid-May in Qatar. Over 600 participants from 80 counties gathered to discuss the implications of …


Changing realities: An opportunity for Israel and its neighbors

By Ghanem Nuseibeh and Naava Mashiah LONDON/GENEVA: The uprisings in the Middle East are plunging the region into uncharted territory. But, as international and other regional powers scramble to adjust to the changing realities, they are also an opportunity for Israel and Arab countries to forge mutually beneficial economic ties and to coalesce around common regional …


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