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Air strike kills two Islamic State military commanders

A US-led air strike killed two senior Islamic State (IS) commanders in…

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‘Islamic State’ fighters break through Kurdish lines, kill US Navy SEAL

'IS' fighters have regained ground after breaking through Kurdish defenses near the…

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Iraqi army failings cast doubt on Mosul offensive

A stalled offensive at the town of Makmour highlights the shortcomings of…

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Iraq summons Ankara’s envoy over Turkish troops deployed near Mosul

Turkey committed a 'hostile act' by deploying troops to northern Iraq, according…

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Islamic State caliph makes first appearance

State media reports Iranian fighter pilot killed, militants destroy shrines and mosques

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Iraq militants ‘turning back clock’ in captured Mosul

Security forces in Mosul wilted in the face of the onslaught, in…

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Fahmy rejects ‘barbaric acts’ in Iraq

Arab League Council rejects interference in Iraqi affairs, calls for reconciliation through…

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Fahmy calls for Iraqi unity, warns against sectarian split

Egyptian embassy staff continues to contact Egyptian communities amidst ongoing clashes in…

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Suspected jihadists seize Iraq’s Nineveh province

Military units first withdrew from the city’s east, heading to its west,…

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Protests continue in Iraq

Protests, which have been ongoing for nearly two months, have urged for…

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