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Health ministry warns against providing free of charge medical treatment

The ministry described the syndicate initiated decision as a violation to the

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10 international organisations to provide support to new comprehensive social health insurance system

Personal spending on health services reached more than 60% of total spending

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DNA testing to identify deceased of Hajj stampede: Health minister

Egyptian authorities maintain that they are providing adequate support, despite criticisms

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13 smuggled medication brands confiscated from prominent Maadi pharmacy

Ministry of Health campaign aims to counter adulterated drug dealers

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‘Islamic State’ claims revenge for ‘Arab Sharkas’ convicts

Attack on National Security headquarters in Qaliubiya leaves 29 injured as perpetuator

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Doctors face possible national threat

During a shift that started like any other, Dr Mina Nabil, an

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The 41,000 pillars of the New Suez Canal

Thousands of workers lived in desert conditions for months, with little reward

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Pharmaceutical company closed down for alleged medical poisoning

Health Ministry withdraws rehydration drug that killed four infants, amid other injured

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Dehydrated infants die in hospital of faulty drugs: Health Ministry

Four deceased children among 27 cases in Beni Suef, drug confiscated

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PM holds major meeting with ministries over Nile boat accident

Nile boat sinking victim in psychiatric hospital, death penalty demanded

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