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Egypt sets minimum wage at EGP 2,400 for private sector

Egypt’s National Wages Council (NWC), headed by Minister of Planning and Economic Development Hala El-Said, has set the minimum wage for private sector workers at EGP 2,400 ($153) per month. The new ruling takes into account the economic conditions of the establishments that are currently unable to comply, and their exception to that, starting from 1 January 2022. The rise in pay comes with the adoption of flexible mechanisms to encourage …

Daily News Egypt

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The ‘minimum wage’ defeat for ten million

There have been mixed reactions to this week’s announcement of a new public sector minimum total income of EGP1,200 per month to come into effect in January of 2014. Many are unsatisfied – unsatisfied with the EGP1,200 figure, the target of total income and not wage, or the meeting of the social justice objective. Some …

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Businessmen criticise government stance on minimum wage

They called on the government to link wages with production rates, number of hours worked, geographical circumstances, and standard of living rates in all provinces throughout Egypt, in addition to taking into account the various differences between jobs and professions.

Daily News Egypt

Parliament discusses wages draft law

By Mennatallah Fouad Youssef CAIRO: Parliament members continued discussions of the proposed law concerning implementing a minimum and maximum wage amid continuous labor sit-ins and protests in different sectors. The proposed law presented by the planning and general budget committee would cap the maximum wage at 35 times that of the minimum wage, and thus …


Solution to wage crisis key to ending corruption, says poll

By Safaa Abdoun CAIRO: Finding a solution to the wage crisis in Egypt is the best means to combat corruption, stated opinion leaders in the country, according to a recent poll. “If the citizen gets a suitable salary then this will make him or her able to resist the temptations of bribes and other corruptive means,” …


‘One size doesn’t fit all,’ say experts on minimum wage

By Amir Makar CAIRO: Rather than imposing a unified minimum wage across the country, experts advise seeking alternatives that factor in regional and sectoral variations as well as imbalances in standards of living, growth and productivity. While the overall percentage of minimum wage to nominal GDP is in line with comparable economies such as Tunisia and …


Egypt to implement maximum wage as it battles budget deficit

CAIRO: Egypt’s Prime Minister Kamal El-Ganzoury said Tuesday that the public sector will enforce a maximum wage 35 times that of the minimum wage, to be applied starting January 2012. El-Ganzoury had first announced plans to approve a maximum wage at a televised press conference on Monday. Previous finance ministers have this year mulled a …


Egypt discussing private sector minimum wage

CAIRO: Egypt’s National Wages Council approved earlier this week a LE 700 minimum wage for private sector employees, effective January 2012, state media reported. Alaa Ezz, secretary general of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, told Daily News Egypt that the decision to increase the minimum wage to LE 700 has already been taken. He also …


Revised minimum wage still too low, activists argue

By Brett Borkan CAIRO: While being a substantial increase from the previous year’s level, the revision of Egypt’s proposed minimum wage from LE 700 to LE 684 per month was met with negative reactions from some activists who were hoping for much higher levels. Egypt’s amended general budget, whose draft was finally approved Monday night …


Experts say expected wage increase may not be enough

CAIRO: The cost of pushing up the 15 percent wage increase in the basic salary of public sector employees by three months is estimated at LE 730 million and the funds are already available, said Finance Minister Samir Radwan on Monday. Raises originally scheduled for July are due to be applied starting April, first announced …


Long awaited Egypt minimum wage sparks discontent

CAIRO: Egypt’s decision to raise the minimum wage for the first time since 1984 has been sharply opposed by the very activists who demanded it, because at LE 400 ($69) a month, it skirts close to the poverty line. After a long battle, the National Council for Wages was ordered by a court in October …


ICLD workers entitled to LE 400 minimum wage, says NGO

CAIRO: Information Center for Local Development (ICLD) workers are entitled to receive the recently set LE 400 minimum monthly wage, according to the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR). The ECESR says that Egypt’s roughly 32,000 workers were employed under Labor Law 137 of 1981, and should therefore not be categorized as state …


Activists to resort to ‘political blackmail’ to raise minimum wages

  CAIRO: A number of labor activists said they would resort to “political blackmail” using the parliamentary and presidential elections as pressure to push for a higher minimum wages.   Activists said that they will link their demands directly with the president’s electoral program to pressure the government to comply. “Labor movements haven’t done enough …


Minister says LE 1,200 monthly minimum wage ‘unrealistic’

CAIRO: Half of Egyptians spend only LE 500 per month and 12 percent live on LE 11,000 a year, according to Osman Mohamed Osman, Minister of Economic Development and head of the National Wages Council (NWC), who dismissed the proposed LE 1,200 minimum wage. Osman stated that no employer can afford to pay a monthly …


ECESR sues government over LE 400 minimum wage

CAIRO: Government ministers and labor activists have both rejected the LE 400 minimum monthly wage set by the National Wages Council (NWC) on Thursday. A local NGO said it has filed a lawsuit against the government over the decision. The NWC set the minimum wage last week after Cairo’s Administrative Court decided that the government …


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