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Al-Sisi hails role of workers, addresses gender equality during Labour Day celebration

He added that this requires the government to carry out the necessary…

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299 labour protests took place from Labour Day 2017 to this year: Democracy Index

Index says 96% of worker protests were described as peaceful

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On first anniversary of Press Syndicate storming, freedoms remain endangered

Former head of syndicate describes incident as “attempt to tame journalism”

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Labour Day 2017: Workers in Egypt still call for their rights

Workers’ strikes decreased in 2017 due to security restrictions on labour movements

Sarah El-Sheikh Sarah El-Sheikh

Al-Sisi allocates EGP 100m to Labour Emergency Fund

President honoured 12 older members of the Egyptian Labour Syndicate

Mohammed El-Said Mohammed El-Said

Worker arrested ahead of Labour Day protests

Security presence hinders scheduled labour protest in downtown Cairo

Shaimaa Raafat Shaimaa Raafat

HRW urges Egypt to legalise independent trade unions on International Workers Day

Protecting workers’ rights to independently organise is a basic right not a…

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Labour groups demand return of suspended Mahallah workers

Labour leader Kamal Al-Fayoumi was accused of inciting workers to strike

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Egypt’s 2015 ‘anti-workers’ Labour Day

Five labour activists arrested Friday, amid human rights groups’ condemnation of laws…

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We refuse strikes: Union Federation to Al-Sisi

The Egyptian Trade Union Federation presented President Al-Sisi with a 'code of…

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