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Israel targets senior leaders of Islamic Jihad in Gaza and Damascus

Islamic Jihad’s leader Baha Abu Al-Ata was killed in the strike

Bassant Mohammed Bassant Mohammed

Syria, Iraq and the future of jihad

The terror organization 'Islamic State' (IS) has suffered serious losses in Syria,…

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Jihad v soccer: the Islamic State’s convoluted love-hate relationship

If Islamic State (IS) was serious about attacking Euro 2016, its plans…

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Why are some people attracted to Jihad?

Hundreds of young people choose to go to Syria, despite their vastly…

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Mali: Jihadist attacks ‘scattered across the country’

Investigators say evidence found on the bodies of four gunmen killed in…

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Officer-turned-jihadist calls for war against Al-Sisi

Ashmawi’s call came in an audio message, according to SITE intelligence group

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Cyber jihad and cyber terrorism: A real threat to governments

By Karim Sahyoun When it comes to cryptography, it is important to…

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Hezbollah shifts tactics, narrative for Syria fight

Shedding its guerrilla tactics to fight alongside an army

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As Syria war enters fourth year, regime eyes victory

For now, neither side seems to have the means to win decisively…

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Saudi jails Islamist for 8 years for Twitter protest call

Security forces had previously arrested the accused on similar charges, but freed…

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