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Op-ed review: 25th January Revolution, Macron’s visit

Several columnists in Sunday’s newspaper issues marked the eighth anniversary of the…

Fatma Lotfi Fatma Lotfi

Court acquits security officials of killing 25 January protestors

The court said that the victims were killed by weapons that are…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

The People have lost trust in the political sphere

The story of each year begins again on Monday. The state mobilises…

Emad El-Sayed Emad El-Sayed

Whatever happened to social movements?

Three weeks from now, the fifth anniversary of the January revolution will…

Ziad A. Akl Ziad A. Akl

‘Birthday’ celebrations and trip to Pyramids: The Mubarak family under spotlight

State Council denies decision regarding Mubarak’s lifetime privileges

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

The Republic of Matariya

Cairo neighbourhood witnessed deadliest clashes in third and fourth anniversaries of revolution

Adham Youssef Adham Youssef

In search of a new meaning for ‘homeland’

By Emad El-Sayed For a while the idea of emigrating from Egypt…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

How are Egyptian politics manoeuvred and formed?

When the melody plays, you are obliged to sing along!

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Signs of rebound in Egypt’s tourism sector

By Robert Tashima The government in Egypt is expecting a recovery of its…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Egypt’s economy over three years of turmoil

Daily News Egypt takes a closer look at the economic situation since…

Doaa Farid Doaa Farid