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Palestine calls on Arab, Islamic countries to build on Egypt’s Gaza reconstruction initiative

Palestinian government to form specialised body for Gaza reconstruction

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Egypt shuts down Islamic, Christian places of worship to curb COVID-19 outbreak

Coptic Orthodox Church shut down churches; Endowments Ministry halts all public prayers 

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Bimaristan Al Muayyad, one of the world’s largest hospital, is locked behind Islamic Cairo’s gates

Sultan Muayyed shiekh killed his son and built one of largest hospitals

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Israel targets senior leaders of Islamic Jihad in Gaza and Damascus

Islamic Jihad’s leader Baha Abu Al-Ata was killed in the strike

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Egypt to build first museum celebrating religious tolerance 

Minister of Antiquities Khaled Anany announced plans to establish Egypt’s first museum

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The secret stories of the Museum of Islamic Art 

The unrevealed tales of the magic shirts, Ghabn plate and the candlesticks

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124 Islamic, textile artefacts to be transferred for display at Sohag National Museum 

The Ministry of Antiquities is to transfer 124 artefacts from the Islamic

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Government allocates EGP 200m for restoration of Islamic, Coptic, Egyptian monuments

Each artifact requires specific funds for restoration, average at EGP 10 -

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Muslim Council of Elders discuss initiatives to counter extremist thought

Council members are expected to meet with President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi

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Campaign looks to renovate 100 heritage buildings in old Cairo

The campaign mainly focuses on saving Islamic and Coptic buildings that have

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