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Egypt to sign business protocol with Indonesia

The Chamber of Commerce in Cairo is attempting to boost economic relations…

Hend El-Behary Hend El-Behary

Indonesian protesters, police clash near US Embassy

Protesters lob Molotov bombs, security forces respond with water cannons

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Violent film protests erupt in Kabul and Jakarta

At least 18 people were left dead around the world, reacting to…

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Ramadan Chronicles: Bali-Indonesia

From the eyes of Muslims overseas, we explore personal experiences

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Egyptian-Indonesian deal for new automobile frame factory

By Asmaa Nabil A coalition of the Indonesian company Multistrada and the…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Indonesian youth in the post-1998 era of democratization

By Michelle Miller May 1998 was a terrible and magical moment in the…


Indonesia TV drama challenges extremism in prisons, and living rooms

JAKARTA: Many people would argue that football is as much a spiritual…


An Indonesian’s hopes for the US role in the Asia Pacific

By Singgih Nugroho SALATIGA, Indonesia: US President Barack Obama's November visit to Bali…