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Al-Wasat Party calls for new government

Suggestion made as part of Al-Wasat Party’s solution to the country’s dragging

Hend Kortam Hend Kortam

ElBaradei proposes reform plan

The opposition leader suggested 7 measures needed to avoid “decay of state

Ahmed Aboulenein Ahmed Aboulenein

Al-Wafd repeats commitment to boycott

Al-Wafd Party denies allegations that it has been considering participating in elections,

Basil El-Dabh Basil El-Dabh

Fouada Watch calls on women to boycott parliamentary elections

Fouada Watch says boycott is necessary because constitution and election law do

Luiz Sanchez Luiz Sanchez

Call for election boycott campaign

Public figures urge national boycott campaign to discredit upcoming elections

Hend Kortam Hend Kortam

Parties consider election participation

Al-Nour Party meets to decide approach to elections, while opposition groups are

Basil El-Dabh Basil El-Dabh

President changes election dates

Elections for House of Representatives rescheduled to accommodate Egypt's Christian population

Basil El-Dabh Basil El-Dabh

Election dates to change

President Mohamed Morsi announced the change of the first phase of parliamentary

Basil El-Dabh Basil El-Dabh

ElBaradei calls for boycott of parliamentary elections

The opposition leader says he will ‘not be part of an act

Ahmed Aboulenein Ahmed Aboulenein

Al-Nour delegation meets with Morsi

Members of the Salafi Al-Nour Party held talks today with President Mohamed

Basil El-Dabh Basil El-Dabh