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Egypt’s net international reserves up $2.2bn in June to $38.201bn: CBE

Egypt's international reserves consist of foreign currencies, gold, special drawing rights (SDR),…

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Egyptian currency appreciates against US dollar as FX inflows rise

At the end of last week, the National Bank of Egypt (NBE)…

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Egypt’s FX reserves increase by $319m in November

 Gold reserves decline, SDR countered FX hike, curbing net foreign reserves increase…

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US enshrining of FX controls to carry serious implications for global market: HSBC

Moving parts involved in current trade negotiations are similar to those evident…

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Gold in FX reserves up by $69m in June 2019

FX reserves increased to $44.352bn end of May: CBE

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FX reserves continue north, scoring $44.14bn end-May

The foreign exchange (FX) reserves balance at the Central Bank of Egypt…

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FX is not only indicator for assessing economy: Arqam Capital

Most of the foreign exchange (FX) flows to banks are being directed…

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Egypt’s steady adoption of IMF programme would provide upside risk: Merrill Lynch

Forward exchange rate is expected to register 11.20 in Q4 2016, says…

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