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Egypt’s GDP to expand 2.6% in 2020/21, 5.1% in 2021/22: Focus Economics

Egypt’s GDP is projected to expand 2.6% in fiscal year (FY) 2020/21,…

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COVID-19 to slash at least 1.5% off global growth this year: Focus Economics

The coronavirus has spurred fears of a global recession. According to Focus…

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Inflation to average 8.4% in 2020: Focus Economics

Strong economic growth should stoke price pressures ahead

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Focus Economics expects Egypt’s GDP to expand 5.5% in FY 2020

State's public debt to record 85.2% of GDP in current FY, Focus…

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Egypt’s external debt to increase by 12% to reach 103.7 $bn in FY 2019: Focus Economics

Focus Economics forecasts overnight deposit rate to end CY 2019 at 14.47%,…

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Solid economic growth ahead: Focus Economics forecasts

IMF may make $2bn financial grant available to Egypt, praised government for…

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Egypt growth improves as investment expands, says Focus Economics

Improved investor sentiment was evident by a surge in international reserves in…

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Egypt’s economy seems to be gradually picking itself up: Focus Economics

Purchasing Managers’ Index rose in April to its highest levels in 9 months

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Focus Economics expects inflation to average 22.3% in 2017

The company expects the economy to expand at a more moderate pace…

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Egypt continues to suffer from consequences of currency flotation: Focus Economics

Focus Economics forecasts an average inflation of 20.1%, 13.6% for calendar years…

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