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Returning Egyptian fishermen outline problems faced in Libya conflict

The fishermen returned after being caught in fighting between Haftar loyalists and

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Families of dead fishermen to receive EGP 5,000 compensation each

Fourteen fishermen still missing after collision with a containership in the Red

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Egyptian fisherman killed in Rea Sea collision with container ship

At least eight fishermen are believed to be dead, many still missing

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Fishermen held in attack on navy released

Arrests took place at sea after unidentified “hostile vessels” opened fire on

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Israeli navy fires on boat returning from Sinai

Palestinian state media says fishermen injured after Israel navy targeted boat

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Yemeni authorities agree to release 64 Egyptian sailors and fishermen

Negotiations still ongoing concerning fines and impounding of vessels

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Dozens of Egyptian fishermen detained in Yemen

We are following the case and working for their release, says Egyptian

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Egypt halts truck movement to and from Libya

The Salloum border crossing has been shut for trucks in both directions

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Dozens of Egyptians detained, not kidnapped in Libya

Diplomats from both countries say they are being held until Libyan authorities

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Detained fishermen return from Saudi Arabia

Fishermen were arrested for violating the Gulf country’s territorial waters

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