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The aquaculture research lab boosting Egypt’s fish production

At a massive Egyptian fish farm in an open field with dozens…

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Joint-research team investigates evolution of fish from water to land

Avoiding nasty underwater predators motivated some marine animals to spend more time…

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New study finds Ocean acidification does not affect behaviour of coral reef fish 

According to previous literature, ocean acidity negatively affects the coral reef fish,…

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Researchers reveal secrets of sex change in fish

Sex change involves complete genetic rewiring of gonad

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Egypt extends fish exports tariff for one year

In April 2017, the ministry had imposed EGP 12,000 per tonne tariff…

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Fish body shape holds key to make fishery management cheaper, easier

Study analyses fishery-monitoring methods to address challenges of managing small-scale fisheries

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New study proposes redesigned dam water flow to benefit native fish

Researchers integrate data to identify water-release schedules for benefit of domestic and,…

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Egyptians shift to poultry after unreasonable hike in meat, fish prices

Radical changes in the economic environment in Egypt that resulted from the…

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Kabil issues resolution imposing EGP 12,000 fee per tonne of exported fish for 4 months

The resolution aims to prioritize the local market needs, says Kabil

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Al-Sisi freezes exports of fish to control local prices

Exports skyrocketed last year, causing a sharp increase in prices, according to…

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